Carby lean mix torture test, how high will it run?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    ok so awhile back i did a rich test and i got my bike running on under 5:1

    someone sugested i do a lean mix test and see how high i could go,

    well my bikes clutch is dead and its been sitting in my garage for the past month, the engine is in good shape but with over 4000kms its one thing breaking after another, as it is the crank bearing is on its way out,

    so i was wondering if i should do a lean mix test? would anyone be interested in seeing that if i made a video of it?
    i would have to wheel the bike out of the residentail area because its loud and i would be reving it but my idea was to start on 80:1 and just pin the engine and rev it till its done,
    im not an expert on these engines but i know a fair bit, what are the chances of me geting a 300mph piston to the face from this? would the motor blow or just cease?

    anyways im still making my mind up on it, i have been trying to sell it as a parts motor online but so far im getting no bids,

    anyways let me know, has anyone done this before?

  2. arceeguy

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    Running it wide open until it blows is not a test of anything. You can have 20:1 or 100:1, doesn't matter - over revving is over revving. I doubt you will get a "piston in the face". It'll just lock up when something internal lets loose.
  3. linnix13

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    hahaha sorry i should have clarified myself, i meant rev it up into its top rpms,

    like the top rpm i would hear at 40kph,

    so around 6000rmps and hold it there, i didnt mean rev it 100%
  4. mattysids

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    rather than a piston to the face,

    your face shall receive asphalt

    when the piston locks and your back wheel skids and you proceed to flip your bike from sliding out of control at full speed (believe me i did the same thing except with the chain idler locking the wheel) X-D

    For an experiment i suggest running for a little while on successively leaner ratios ex 32:1, 50:1, 80:1, 100:1 (doubt it'll go that far)
  5. linnix13

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    haha ive had my share of lock ups, i was doing 45kph and my woodruff key poped out and into the gearbox, back tire locked up and i skided for almost 15 seconds, wasnt dramatic though i never felt like i was guna loose control, another time i hit a pothole and the tire smashed out a few spokes and the hole rear wheel colapsed, i just skided sparks ablazing to a stop, if the front locked i would be out of control, but the only way i could see my self going down from a rear wheel lock up is if i was going around a corner really fast,

    but its all irrelivent i was guna so the test with the engine sitting there because the clutch is screwed and the bike wont drive anyways,
  6. Foximus

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    Why on earth would you want to go leaner than 32:1???

    you will be loosing gobs of power.


    Just reread original post... your trying to purposely lock it up.

    All that will happen is you will overheat the aluminum and the piston and cylinder will smear onto and past the ring causing a simple slow down and seizure.

    If you want to have some real fun, drill a couple of stress dimples into the head, then run a normal 24-32: 1 oil mix. As your revving, spray some water into the carb.

    Step 2, Enjoy your Pretzled Con Rods, and maybe a fragged head if your lucky.
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  7. linnix13

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    because the clutch is dead and the engine has well over 4000kms on it

    its on its last legs and im getting a new one so i was guna destroy it for kicks
  8. so why don't you just strip it down. Save some spare parts, make a necklace with some parts and a lamp out of the block. I mean it's really not very spectacular running an engine outside standard operating parameters to acheive seizure. Most engines just stop running and a little fluid comes out whichever gasket fails.
  9. linnix13

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    i honestly pictures a huge explosion with fire and fun stuff, but i think im actually selling the engine