Lean motor one way it dies, opposite way and it revs

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jmccrury, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I was wondering if this is something normal with the HT motors. If I lean my bike to the right, the motor will rev up and run pretty smooth. But if I lean it to the left it idles low and quits. It runs fine while I'm riding it and leaning into curves doesn't effect it, but I just noticed this the other day when I got off of it. It's not really a problem, but if I want to let it idle while on the kick stand, I have to turn the throttle screw in a little. Of course if I lean it the opposite direction or keep it level it runs fine. Just thought I would ask if anyone else had this same condition.

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    hi jmccrury

    I have never owned or repaired an HT motor

    learning a little about them -- from this site

    to say the very least -- THEY ARE VERY INTERESTING !!!

    what's causing your HT condition would I think -- have to be a fuel issue

    a few things come to mind -- but I am guessing here --

    float, angle of carb tube...

    you mention leaning your MB to the right and left
    are your handle bars changing position from right to left also ?
    if so -- this may be a cable issue -- causing change in idle..

    at least it's running and you can ride that thing -------------------- MM