Learning The Darn Clutch

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by vsaxena, Apr 25, 2014.

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    Hi! I bought a 2-stroke motorized bike from a very nice gentleman on Craigslist. It works just fine, but I just am having so much difficulty with the clutch.

    Here's the thing. I don't like going faster than 20 mph. Unfortunately, I feel like I need to keep it revving (which pushes me into the 30s) because it starts sputtering if it goes too slow. Even worse is the fast that I'm afraid to pull in the clutch.

    I mean they say you're supposed to break to slow the engine and THEN pull in the clutch to disengage, right? Here's the thing. I pull in the clutch and then a second later the engine always starts friggen revving! I have to be going very slowly to pull in the clutch and not hear the engine rev.

    So I break some, I push forward on the throttle (so that there is no chance I'm throttling -- I reverse rev, basically, or sometimes just let go of the right bar altogether), and I hold in the clutch, and it starts to REV.

    Maybe I am mishearing it? The bike is really loud when it throttles as a 2-stroke. So when I hold in the clutch and it's not revving, it's not as loud, so the VROOOM VROOOM VROOOM I hear from the engine (is this it slowing down!??) sounds louder?

    Not sure. Just it sucks because I'm afraid to slow down unless I'm slowing down to 0. Otherwise, I have to deal with that sputtering (Why does it do that -- and what is sputtering exactly?) -- either that or a clutch that makes me very uncomfortable.

    There have even been times where I'm approaching 0, I hold down the clutch and now it's DEFINITELY vrooming way louder. I don't get it. It doesn't always do this, but it does it often enough to make me very uncomfortable.

    Thanks so much!