Leather tool bag wanted

Hi guys, looking for that leather tool bag that attaches behind the seat. The old vintage style. Must be in good condition with no tears. Let me know....

What will surprise you is how many possible solutions can be had for 50 cents at a Salvation Army/Goodwill.

For instance, to carry my handout literature, I picked up a black leather handbag with snap, that is waterproof. My sister in law said it cost at least $50 new. It would easily roll up into a bundle for attachment to a post.

And mine is a zip up folding umbrella case, maybe a foot long and roundish in shape.
Thanks, but I'm looking for the vintage schwinn bag. I need to keep it period for the bike. If I don't sell the dang thing
Check e-bay's item # 200161780552 , 28016161800 and 260169153628 The first one's vinyl though,but looks close?
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Leather toolbag

I stock new leather toolbags. I too do old-timey (BIGTIME)PM me
Leather toolbags

HI yes, tomorrow I can get them out of the trailer, measure, and shoot pics.