left hand M8 nuts for attaching spindles for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by milkcratemotorer, Apr 19, 2010.

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    hey everybody, i just bought a box of 10 stainless steel m8 left hand nuts. I live in a decent sized city, and every hardware store in town didnt have these, so i ordered them online, only i needed one, maybe two, not ten. im using them where the centrifical clutch would go on a 33cc chainsaw motor. im pretty sure this is a standard size for quite a few of these little motors. well if you would like one or two, get ahold of me, could ship them out to you for say $3 a peice? my email is celgus81@yahoo.com if anyone is interested, thanks a bunch.

  2. milkcratemotorer

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    left hand m8 nuts for sale

    hello everybody, bought a box of m8 left hand nuts for my chainsaw bike project, had to by a box of 10, only need one, so thought id see if anyone else needed one or two of them. there good qualitly stainless steel, and figured i could ship them out to you for $3 a peice? if anyone is interested, email me at celgus81@yahoo.com