Left Side Drive on coaster brake?

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    I've got a nexus 3 speed coaster brake hub, and for legal reasons, as well as simplicity, I need to run through a left side drive.

    I have thet standard HT 9 hole bolt on gear, but the hole is too small to go over the hub. I could cut it bigger, but I've3 got no way to make sure the new hole is centered.

    Is there a kit, or anyway to adapt something to make this work?



    All my bikes are coaster brake (6) except one.
    You need to open the center hole to fit the rim. I do it with a burr bit in my drill press. Paint some black on the sprocket and scribe with a dial caliper.
    Work in a circular motion against the rotation of the burr and take your time.
    I have also had to taper the rubber between the sprocket and wheel to make it set low enough.
    You may also have to bend the brake arm a little to clear the bolt heads.
    It takes a little work but done carefully it will work well.

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