left side sprocket rear wheel sprocket mounting

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    I have been woundering why is there no dicussion about about using a rear wheel that has a disk brake mount buit into the hub as a rock solid and secure mounting point for a rear sprocket. it uses a six bolt pattern,would need to be shaved down to fit the sprocket/clearance$ chain. I would love to be able to keep my disk breake because thet WORK frozen/wet with very little fade out. are there any one who has designed sprocket system that also doubles as a **** brake, I have seen them on motor cycles and would compleatly stop the problems with other break systems in a motorized bike. Has any one looked into using a derailer idler arm as a tensioner? It semms to me that the the teeth on the idler gears would allmost compleatly stop chain hop and have constant slak controll both side with out having to worry about too tight or too loose conditions on yor drive chain. Price is not the issue ?safety/reliability is.:whistling:

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