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Aug 6, 2008
Here in NY it is legal to build a 6,000 lb car from nothing and get it registered at our DMV. It is legal to fabricate a "homemade" motorcycle and get it registered. It is also legal to build a bike trailer to haul your newborn behind your bicycle (uninspected). You'd be supprised at the number of idiots sticking thier kids in these things and going for rides in rushour traffic!

Today I called to register my homemade class c moped (under 20mph) and was dennied. Man on phone stated, Law says no motors on bicycles, period. I than asked what sort of material I should use for the frame? Man said Law does not allow for homemade class c mopeds. I replied "well they gotta be comming from somewhere"??? Man said I must be considered a licensed manufacturer of class c mopeds. I wasn't about to let him go that easy and asked "how might this elavated level of status be achieved by just an ordinary gent such as myself". He replied I'd have to contact the Federal D.O.T. TRANSLATION IN NY TERMS: Here ya go boy get the stick. The wild goose phone chase starts. (Not my job)(not in today)(busy)(leave a message we'll call you back)

I don't know if I should pose the following argument. I guess it depends how I feel the next couple days when I wake up. Given knowledge of the forementioned legal homade vehicles how does it make sense that our President of the USA is calling for us to conserve and NY is not allowing me to be legal although my moped fits thier specs? How is it we live in a day and age where every nickle we put in our gas tank supports the killing of our Countrys kids and I can't legally and safely get 100mpg!

Any help angles or suggestions in dealing with this nonsense is greatly appreciated. How do I become a licensed manufacturer, ect.
In conversation with NHTSA today, it has come to my opinion that pedal assist bikes are not motor vehicles by Federal Law. Anybody with first hand knowledge of this, please enlighten me!

If it's not a motor vehicle and the Fed's trump State and local law, how is it possible to still get a DUI on a bike golfcart ect?
ny Law

Click on Laws of ny

scroll down to VAT and click on it!

Although I was told it was illeagle to put a motor on a ten speed by DMV Technical support, I fail to see where the law specifically states this and further I fail to see where I have to register my tenspeed.

Please let me know if I'm wrong? Does lack of law exempt us from V&T law?