legal in Belgium?

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  1. jagatron

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    Specifically if insurance is necessary, registration, etc.

    Any other west Euro people out there? Saw thread from UK person.

    Also, anyone tried transporting a motor from the US to Euro in suitcase? Seems to be a controlled item. 'Travel between both frequently, things much cheaper in the US of course.

  2. BSA

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    I would imagine that it's the same across the EU. So basically you would have to pass a test to register the vehicle, or you could do what everybody else does which is ride it without registration and thus illegally.

  3. jagatron

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    As I'm a bit new to the laws here in EU, what would happen if/when police caught you? They'll ticket you, or take the bike? I rarely see police out "watching" for things like this like in the US where they're roaming constantly.
  4. JemmaUK

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    If I remember rightly - until recently you didnt have to register a cyclemotor/MB in the low countries etc. My information is a couple of years old so it might have changed in the interrim. Its only places like england where I am now not allowed to change a lightbulb where such annoyances exist - and as has been said, they just get ignored cos they is stupid.. lol

    If you are transporting a bare engine I cant see they'd have an issue - the problem would be fuel etc. but really - if you are between the two countries alot and have a place in both to store a machine, considering they are so cheap why not build one for EU and the other in the US?

    Jemma xx