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    Built my motorbike last year and finally decided to go to SOS office to register and apply for a moped sticker. I did this for several reasons 1. Now if I am involved in a accident I won't automatically receive a ticket for operating a unregistered & illegal vehicle. 2. If I do get pulled over my bike doesn't get towed away. 3. Peace of mind.
    After all the hassles and problems I've read about I expected this to take at least an hour and quite possibly not be successful. To my pleasant surprise the whole thing took 15 minutes, $74.02 in taxes and fees and I was on my way with sticker in hand.
    I'll leave it to others to argue whether it's a bicycle or moped and go to court and risk losing their bike. Tom
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    This is the kind of information riders need.
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    well done tom m8 , still weird that i been to 2 sos in 2 counties and still cannot get one , i know you register it as a assembled bike , now only problem i would have his that i got mine from craigslist already assembled so would be able to go way tom did ,and my reasons to get it legal is same as toms 3 more so the number 3 answer (peace of mind).
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    The cops in my town do not care about these, because there is a good 20 of these bopeds here and as long as they aren't be dummies on them they are good to go.. personally everytime i see a cop, i pull the clutch in and pretend to ride it like a bike