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    having just received my...hmmm, at least twentieth toll notice tonight, im again reminded of the numerous criminal activities that are legally allowed.

    firstly, other than 2 of these notices, all have been, well, incorrect. i didnt do it. it wasnt me. ive ignored them and nothing eventuated, as, well, when someone has obviously looked at the photos with HUMAN eyes, the error was revealed...

    tonights one is really good, as the bike that i apparently rode through the toll gates on, happens to have been unregistered and in pieces for the last five years. the number plate hasnt been stolen from me, it was still sitting in the pile of parts an hour ago when i had a look, the same place its been for the last two years... and trust me, its been buried because i just happened to be clearing that section of the shed out today. nobody just snuck it back, screwed it back onto the bracket it was attached to, and recaked mud all over it...

    i did once take it over that road, when it was registered. sydney harbour bridge. but, leaving sydney, there is no toll. thats the only time i EVER rode that bike across SHB... north bound is free :)

    what do tourists think when they come into this cruddy city that demands you grease its palms on every turn?? i know most kiwis that visit laugh cus they just drive through, head back home and thats that :)

    now, a lot of companies have this "etag" thingy. it automatically debits your account.

    how many businesses receive "fake" tolls? which, in the long list of tolls generated by a company with say, 3 vehicles passing through at least three tolling points every day, just get overlooked? think...if ive gotten twenty, yet only two are genuine... (i paid those two, even the extra $10 dollar admin fee that they tack on! and oh...if your etag account doesnt have enough credit...they slog you extra for that one too)

    which type of accounts/pay clerk is going to ring every driver and ask "did you go through such and such on when and when at this time?" none.

    so, at $4 a pop, these toll road companies are raking it in, and its government approved?

    theres one small 100metre section, its an OFF ramp...that draws a fee of $1.50...

    theres a reason ive avoided tolls like the plague. on a motorbike, i can still beat anyone anywhere by taking the normal roads.

    not to mention the factr PAY to use a road. then its got a speed limit that noone ever does because its so narrow the traffic never moves, and then if it is, theres a police car every two km waiting to nab people... so, by default, the speed limit is approximately 40km/h rather than the posted 100km/h. i pay to use a road, i expect it to be an AUTOBAHN.

    now, if i happened to put a toll on my lil section of road, and threatened to take peoples licenses, vehicles and livelihoods away for failure to give me $4 for using that be hung drawn and quartered... (i already am hung, so they dont have to bother with that one :jester:)

    just like the phone provider, that sets it so all your calls go to messagebank instantly. so, rather than just answer the phone, you have to dial messagebank. then dial whoever was trying to call you. thats two calls for you, one call for whoever was trying to reach you...either way, someones raking it in...


    any other obviously criminal activities people care to add, go for it :)

    i also have issues with the plain complacency of my fellow australian citizens... just sitting back, shrugging, letting all this nonsense slide. bring back the days of the eureka stockade when the average joe fought for his rights...

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    The Phoenix city government.
    I use about $7 worth of water every month but my water bill is always about $100.
    They tack on a Sewer and Trash Removal charge plus a bunch of 'sir charges', in short a bunch of illegal taxes and the city is raising is it another $4 next month because the city needs money.

    Here is the kicker, you can't stop just the trash collection for example if you want to haul your own trash, it's all or nothing including water.
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    I hear you on the tolls. There is one incredibly short toll road in Oklahoma (I believe) that is designed specifically to catch people taking the non-toll freeway. There is a $4 charge for a 5-mile section of toll road lol.

    Here in Texas, the toll roads are apparently much more reasonable. They are always very fast, smooth, hardly crowded, and are reasonably priced. You can take the bumpy, crowded public road or the smooth, fast toll road. It's up to you.

    Once you fail to pay a large number of toll passes though, the county issues a warrant for your arrest. I've known people who have stayed in jail a week or more just to pay off their tolls. Of course, this is after ~1000 missed toll booths though.
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    excellent choices, excellent choices.

    petrol stations. bottle of coke i can get at woolies for 1.40, is 4.80 at the servo. not that i drink coke.

    watch the 2-4-1 offers. the stickers are carefully placed in front of the wrong sized items...

    now ive quit smoking cold turkey i couldnt care less, but... local shop, 15.00 a pack. same shop, lil further away, opposite a servo... 20.00 for same pack as local shop. servo, 20.50...

    not to mention petrol itself... yes, ok, the actual digging out from the ground does cost money...transport, refining, wages, all that. what i dont like is the 70% or so government tariff on it... just, exactly how does the government fit into the scheme of things so that its necessary they get all that dosh?

    and boy do they get grumpy when an independent station has discount days!

    on that petrol rises 20c a litre before pub holidays and weekends... i know a servo only has so many tanks that can hold so much, so at some point they have to...deter? customers, but they all do it at the same time? what, does petrol only get delivered to all areas and stations on one day only?

    with you on council rates... one simply cannot own some land and live off of it freely, one has to give some bureaucrat money just for the privilege of being alive...