Legalness of the Beast I built



I contacted the Police department I want to make sure I am within the law I do not want to get cited. There is dirt paths I can take wherever I want to go so that is not the end of the world.

So the officer I spoke to I read the New Mexico Motor Vehicle code in regards to the creation I made and how it was relevant. I told him I have no transmission and its a single speed. I also told him the Displacement of the motor and everything else. The funny thing is he has no idea where the legalities are on it :eek:, so how can a officer cite somebody on something they have no idea on :D I presume this is where the grey area comes into play. I need to speak with MVD about it but I know what they are going to tell me or at least I think I do. There is no VIN, No Bill of Sale, No Nothing to make it registrable it does not fall outside the bounds of being a moped as its motorized bicycle but without transmission so for all intents and purposes it is a moped. Due to it not having a transmission it will not fall under requirements to need licensing. Procecution of laws that are not on the books is impossible so I fall into the grey area! I love grey areas they are so greyishly grey :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

At least thats my understanding so far we will see once I speak with the MVD.

Keep in mind however I am limited to 30mph just like any other moped I must follow all the rules of a moped but I do not have to register it :LOL: Thats where it is at so far.
So my transmission would actually make mine a motorcycle? :eek:

Sounds like you got lucky there Slicer. :D
Is yours a transmission? I mean by all rights its just a torque converter its not actual gears. Its a single speed with a torque converter?

Torq-A-Verter Crazy comet lingo for Torque Converter?

Comet lists this one as transmission but none of the others all the others are listed under the general topic of Torque Converter.

I mean clear this up for me but a Torque Converter is just a gearing reduction right? I mean when you look at the Happy Time right side there is a gearing reduction that could be classified as a torque converter no? And from what I understand as well is that Torque Converters connect to a Transmission and are not a transmission in themself?

I may eventually slam a Torq-A-Verter on mine but its awful hard to shell out that kinda cash when the simple system I have is working beautiful.
the laws/regs vary from state to state.

twist the throttle &, where's the transmision? that's my story!!

But, jump out on the street with a mini-bike....anywhere, here in the USA & the POlice will be on you like stink on ssssssskunk!!

imho: you are gonna need to pedal the "beast"

I hope I'm wrong. the old simplex servicycles, the safetycycles, & Cushmans.....were they regulated by Uncle Sam?
No idea on the cushman but those are AWESOME! They must have been pumping out some pretty decent cc on those motors to hit 9hp thats beyond my engine...

There is no way I can pedal it though due to the way I welded it. Although Moped in New Mexico does not require pedals. And I will tell ya its far more comfortable to ride without pedals having a floorboard to put your feet on!
seeing as how you are the first motoredbike in your area...
do it all legally once, and all who follow will have an easier path
and that is pretty cool !
I never planned on doing anything but that :) I figure its my hide if I act stupid anyway :cool:

MVD says YES Legal!

They are mailing me the paperwork that proves its legal so cops cannot harass me. I am just not to exceed 30mph :D