Legals might try to ban this E-book

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BoltsMissing, Dec 10, 2008.

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  2. Pablo

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    You mean in Aus?
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    Ahh, Scamway. Had a friend went into that, tried to rope me into it. Looked like a pyramid scheme, so I walked.
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    Pyramid schemes are illegal, they prefer you call it "Multi-Level Marketing". Don't really know what the difference is.........

    Many years ago I bought a 40lb box of laundry detergent from a friend that was selling Amway. I gotta admit that the soap was a decent price, and worked really well. Problem wasn't the product, but the marketing. I couldn't bear to order more and have to put up with another sales pitch for ME to sell their products and get rich. I started talking to him again after he had given up trying to recruit salesmen to make him rich.
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    It is a fascinating read....I am not done yet, but it gives some great insight.
  6. Pablo

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    There is nothing illegal or inherently wrong with multilevel marketing (MLM). MLM is NOT a pyramid scheme and it is legal in the USA.

    As with most things it can be abused. I haven't read the book, but I probably should to see if it is just an ex guy with a boner, or it really is balanced. AFAIK, The first problem with Amway is that there are "required" buys. That in and of itself should tell people to stay the heck away. But to further the problems, Amway is far too focused on recruiting people, not selling product. I'm not sure how their tiers are structured, IOW is there any detachment at a certain sales level?

    I know the knee-jerk reaction is to lump all MLM companies with Amway, but that's like saying all retail stores are the same because of Wal-Mart behavior.
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    I like Wal-Mart, went in today for a 12 count box of Ding Dongs, 3 bucks.
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    Me too. I like the chicks there. But you get what I'm saying. I hope.:jester:
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    No pablo, not in Aus, I put that there cos the review URL has on the end of it. Where I'm at, it seems they, high pin level non Aussie recruiters hyped the concept out of interest.

    If you read the book, it's about where the real money was made, and not from the soap business, it was what it say's in there, deception on a grand scale.
    It's a long read and I skipped most of the waffle, but it does have some very interesting "facts" 2/3rds the way down.

    In my himble opinion,
    If you look at the marketing plan, it's "mechanics", leaving out the lables, it's OK.
    But what seems to have happened is, certain individuals exploited the system and blew the whole thing way out of proportion in a evangilistcal style.
    The book says this appears to have been a deliberate plot to screw your own organisation. if you had one.