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    Came across this doing a search on MB laws on other matters. It seems to be centered around the Indianapolis area and admittedly there seems to some confusion about what they're talking about in terms of definitions, but I found some of the comments interesting....it shows how some of the boys in blue think.


  2. Pablo

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    Thanks! Yeah guilty until.......

    Sounds like they need a gentle education. Pretty much they are talking about scooters and calling them mopeds with bikes thrown in. Geniuses all around us.
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    Thanks for the find!

    I registered to the site (awaiting ability to post). I am hoping I can link them back to here so they can see the other side and also post their views for us (after all this is the largest forum of motored bike users). That site has officers from each of the states, and maybe we can get the local groups from those states to post questions and answers here concerning our own local laws (and maybe we can educate some on their own laws, and prevent wasting their time and ours - if rules have been followed). The ones currently discussing motored bikes are based in Indiana.

    The legitimate concerns I see is where drugs or illegal firearms are discovered. I did a search for bicycle and pulled up where they have done a foot chase and caught a bicyclist, what if it was motorized - harder to catch? I do not think any of our crowd aim to do anything illegal or this forum would not exist. Many of us want to make sure we pursue this hobby both safely and legally. We see this as a means of exercise, of fun, of cheaper transport, and something to be encouraged as it is a MODERN day answer to curbing dependence upon foreign fuels.
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    We better be on good behavior!! Is this wise? Well some LEO's are here already anyway.
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    In many urban areas the LEO's use bicycles. Perhaps if they get some motors on them they will see the benefits also?
  6. Email

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    Still waiting for access...

    I went ahead and sent an e-mail to help me get through the registration. I think it would be of mutual benefit to have them visit our site and talk to our community, discuss concerns from both ends. I would like to see everyone on the same side of the law, in both creating, abiding, and enforcing. It would be great if we could come up with a mutual set of laws throughout the 50 states that took care of everyones concerns (ours, our legislatures, and our law enforcement).

    Here is what it said:
    I registered to your site, and am still unable to post. I am an Engineer, not an officer but I do have the highest respect for officers and the laws. Your site was pointed out by a motoredbikes member (motor assisted bicyclist). I am eager to invite officers from your site to our forums, as many of the members seek to do things legally to avoid wasting both an officers time, and to avoid doing anything unsafe or illegal. There is specifically a forum for discussing motoredbiking laws and legislation. This forum is unique because laws regarding bicycles with assist engines vary from state to state. I hope you will permit me the opportunity to give a respectful invite to your officers (hopefully some will be willing to assist us in abiding by the laws and help us to determine what applies to our unique situations). I believe that officers would benefit to understand why people wish to pursue this manner of transportation (180 to 250MPG+, reduce foreign dependence upon oil, etc.), and that officers may have a unique perspective from which many of us in the community would benefit (safety concerns, etc.).
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    Yeah, my initiall thought exactly. I see plus/minus. There is a lot of loose random talk of speed chasing here. I fall into the camp of MAB, motor assisted bicycle and think if you want to do more than 25mph, get a motorcycle. It certainly was not my intent to open a can of worms with this but the web is an open place. I did think it worth posting just to get a perspective from the patrol car. It is my intent to keep MB legal and running for a long time and any real change happens in state legislatures.
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    I read the posts- there is basically an accurate discussion about Indiana law. Here, there is no difference between scooter, MBs and pocket bikes, etc. If it is under 2hp, under 50 ccs, designed to not exceed 25 mph on level ground (that one affects me), and has an auto trans- there is no registration and no insurance requirement.

    The discussion about how the 25 mph requirement works to kick a vehicle into the motorcycle category is interesting.
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    Email, as a newbie here you are sure taking it upon yourself to invite the police and legislators here. First it was the Washington thing. Now it's the Indiana thing. What's next? There is way too much talk here concerning police officer disrespect and how we can make our bikes go faster and faster. I just don't think you're really doing us a good service, even though it seems like you think you are. Just my 2 cents and you don't get no change.
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    In all fairness if the cops wanted to look for stuff on motorized bikes I'm sure this site comes up very close to the top of most search engines. I think its just best to stay away from them. They really have no reason to bother us unless the laws clearly state requirements for MAB's in a certain area. Unless you're being a jerk of course.
  11. I think this is why I don't get stopped cause I rarely go past 20 never mind past 25 and I go even slower on the trails.
    But this stereotype that motoredbike riders are gun toting drug selling hoodlims by these cops is pretty disturbing to me.
  12. ZnsaneRyder

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    I agree LP. 100% Most of us including myself do NOT intend any criminal activity.

    I'm riding a motored bike for the purposes of................

    1. Saving Fuel and Money due to lower fuel costs and no insurance payments or registration fees ($2.00 gas lasts 1 - 3 days @ 100MPG)
    2. MUCH Lower fluid and lube costs compared to a car (only need 0.6 quart of oil for a complete oil change monthly, and a can of WD-40)
    3. Avoiding auto accidents, and the STRESS and DANGERS of driving a car or motorcycle in traffic and in town
    4. Avoiding COSTLY auto repairs and maintenance costs
    5. Able to ride on the sidewalk and go more places than any car or motorcycle
    6. Getting more enjoyment of life by being in the open around nature, instead of being enclosed in a car.
    7. Meeting new people and socializing
    8. Being able to ride faster and farther than a bicycle alone
    9. Riding without getting sweaty or dehydrated
    10. Pollutes environment much less than a car due to less gas used and little to no wasted or leaking fluids, and cleaner exhaust because of small 4-cycle engine.
    11. Dependability - if something goes wrong, or I run out of fuel, over 90% of the time I can still make it home and never get stranded because I can pedal, and get flat-free foam for my tires, unlike a car or motorcycle which can get stranded and cause you to have a LONG walk!
    12. Because I want to!!!!

    Those reasons are NOT against ANY law, and that's why I ride.

    Only 25mph is rediculous however, because I find myself going faster than that from time to time to avoid crowds of cars when crossing roads and intersections. Also it's harder to ride and avoid cars when you are going really slow. Also going faster than 25mph keeps you safe from DOG BITES!
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    Don't forget, too, that it's entirely possible to give the police those visual clues that say, "I'm just a regular guy. You don't need to worry about me." Ride as though you are part of traffic, not a hindrance. Respect red lights. Show the peds proper consideration.

    Also, it doesn't hurt to look the part. I wear a helmet, gloves, reflective vest, knee pads. I even wear a weight belt for protection of kidneys and lower back. It's under the vest, probably not obvious. But someone who took a close look could figure it out.
    I just don't look like a drug or gun runner. I'm clearly a commuter going to and from work. (And loving every minute of it, by the way) I've encountered no hostility at all from the police. They're mostly friendly. Indifferent at worst.

    Perhaps they've already worked all of this out. In the non-motorized world there are different bicyclists with different "profiles". When they see a spandexed, lance armstrong wannabe in a suburban neighborhood, they probably don't spend any time wondering if he's carrying any kind of contraband or breaking into businesses.
  14. HoughMade

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    I have motored past the local constabulary at speeds in excess of 35 mph in Indiana. Indiana law is what was being discussed and yes, the limit is 25 mph to not be a motorcycle. I have never bothered to ghost pedal- look at my bike and tell me if any cop would by that.

    However- I ride out in the country and in, at most, suburban areas. I try to avoid busy roads altogether. There may be a more direct route, but it is safer to be on less traveled roads. Also, even if my top speed can move close to traffic, my acceleration does not, so because the world does not revolve around me, I prefer not to make people avoid me. I'll stick to the road less traveled.

    Further, I am 37 (like it or not, it makes a difference) and always wear a helmet. The police are not going to waste time on me. I make as few ripples as possible and stay out of the way- and I do not have to explain myself.