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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Junster, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Junster

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    The worksman cycles site has 26x2.125 Kevlar black walls for $24.99 Not sure about the shipping cost. The part number is 4922AKV

    look in the pdf price list/replacement parts/page 10

  2. Hate to say this but the cheapest Kelvar tires I seen are at Wally World like 14 bucks.
  3. Junster

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    wow that's a great price do they hold up well?
  4. Shadeslay

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    Not sure, but I just got mine the other day, they seem like a decent enough tire. Gonna add the 5x thick slime tubes from walmart with them. the tubes are almost thick enough to be tires themselves. Let you know how it goes.
  5. cooltoy

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    maybe it's just me but I go nuts when I see the tires inside a little tiny box at Walmart.
    It just doesn't seem right and makes me feel that the tire should not be able to fit in that box. I know it may be all in my head but...
    I need to buy the best tire I can for my new scrubber kit so Kelvar is the way to go?
  6. Junster

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    Kevlar is for punture resistance. I know in my old motorcycle days slime was for tire balancing too. As soon as you got up over about 15 miles an hour it spread out inside the tire and did a good job of balancing the wheel.
  7. Junster

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    I posted the Worksman link cause those tires are built for bikes rode on Industrial sites covered with every kinda tire killer you can think of. The armadillo tires from specalized look great too, but your pushing 50 bucks each there.
  8. lordoflightaz

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    On sale 26" Bell, Kevlar at Fry's Foods (Kroger's) this week $11. Limited quantities, but tubes, tires, gloves, seat all were on sale.
  9. Shadeslay

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    The bell kevlar tires at walmart are a bit small. They list them as compatible with 1.75 or 1.95 or 2.125, in actuality the tire itself is only 1.75. Which is a shame, they seem to be a decent tire, just to narrow for my tastes.
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  10. loquin

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    I've been running the wallyworld kevlar tire on the front of my bike for several months now. Like shadeslay, I would prefer it if it were a quarter inch wider, but, it's been wearing well. No flats yet...
  11. seanhan

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    Walmart bell kevlar tires..

    In the BOX , hey i bought one of these it worked great except it was too skinny for my beach cruiser, I thought it was wider when I bought it !!!!
    Box did not really have the actual size on it...

    I replaced the tires on my bike with surfas drifters..

    The Walmart tire was good and I never had a flat with it, Also it folds up so you can take it easy on a road trip for a emergency spare.....
    not a bad price if you can use a 1.75" tire.

    My stock Schwinn rear tire went flat after my first 1/2 hour on the new GEBE.
    The stock tires on the point beach should go in the trash before you even put the engine on. They are JUNK !!!!! Don't even try to use them not safe... also you should get some better tubes the stock ones suck....
    and while your at it get those tuffy liners and you will be ready to rock !!!!
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  12. seanhan

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    Man I sure would like to have one of those Worksman ice cream vending bikes..
    2 K!!!!
    Wonder if I could make some money with it !!!!!
    Could put a rack mount on it and cover a lot more ground !!!!!
  13. echotraveler

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    hey guys ive got the worksman kevlar belt tires......cant say how good they are....

    i feel pretty confident about not having flats while running around, actually i went into a construcction site and nothing happened....l.ol