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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jefuchs, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. jefuchs

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    Hi. My name is Jeff, and I live in New Iberia, LA.

    I'm less than a newbie, because so far I've only daydreamed about motorizing my bicycle.

    I am an amputee, but not one of those athletic ones you hear so much about. I'm pretty limited in how far and how fast I can pedal, so I'm exploring the idea of adding a motor (and let's face it, it will be fun -- who are we kidding?)

    About two years ago I came across two bikes that were being thrown out. I double checked with the homeowner, and they were definitely intended for the trash. I'm guessing they were unwanted Christmas gifts for the kids, because the chains were rusted solid, but the tires looked like they'd hardly ever been used. I gave one bike away, and kept the other.

    This was a great find for me. I hadn't ridden a bike in nearly 30 years, and wanted to try again, but wasn't sure if my old crippled body could do it anymore. A free bike was just what the doctor ordered.

    So now that I'm back into it, I'm not sure if I want to motorize this one or buy a classic-style Schwinn or something, and have everything new. For now, I'm doing nothing more than reading, researching, and learning.

    Glad I found this messageboard!

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  2. Anton

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    Welcome Jeff, it's a fun hobby. You will be hooked in no time no matter what the bike is and it will definitely help you out with pedalling. I don't have to pedal much at all with my 66cc kit. It will pull me up all the hills where I live.

    That's a really nice mountain bike find too!
  3. jefuchs

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    I just ordered a bike and motor. I decided to go all new. Bike is a Schwinn Southport Cruiser. Motor is from BikeBerry, with an upgraded carb.

    Really looking forward to this.
  4. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I think adding a motor to your bike will extend your range a lot over pedaling alone. The frame mounted chinese 2 stroke motors are started by pedaling and then releasing the clutch. There are also rear rack mounted motors, that have pull starts. There is plenty of help available on this site.
  5. slickdude

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    Hey dude, happy riding to you. I like the papamotors but have yet to install the kit so time will tell.
  6. BchCruizer

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    Thats a sweet bike. I like beach cruiser style bikes. You dont need the gears if ya got an engine and its alot more comfortable ride! I would trade that for a nice cruiser style bike. It will work out good for you either way. These things are a blast!
  7. jefuchs

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    I wanted multi speed for when I'm not motoring. I still want to get my exercise. When you have limited leg strength, it's good to be able to downshift.

    Also, I don't want coaster brakes. I don't want to rely on leg strength for something as important as braking.
  8. BchCruizer

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    They have beach cruiser's with hand brake's. My coaster brakes work great. I haven't had an yproblems..I dont go over 30mph either..I think any thing faster on a bicycle is just suicide..Bikes are made for the power output of a human not an 66 to 80cc engine
    I think if i was going to get an engine that big i would just buy a motorcycle. Atleast its designed to go that fast with me on it.. I have seen to many pictures of peoples rims bent in half to feel safe going that fast on a bicycle..