lets disect this trike!

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    I agree about the empty boxes...but he's also moving at snail speed.

    Nothing like preparing for a third-world society with generic (annoying) piano music and incisive commentary from a 6 year old.
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    There are some really serious issues with that design.

    First and foremost, there appears to be no provision for a variable caster angle as sections are added or removed from the frame. An ideal caster angle to achieve Ackerman steering geometry differs significantly for a given wheelbase width as wheelbase length changes.

    Secondly, wheelbase width in ratio to wheelbase length seriously effects rear wheel tracking in a tadpole design. The longer the wheelbase length for a given width, (past optimum) the greater the likelihood of rear wheel scrubbing and rear end sliding in cornering.

    Thirdly, while the primary rider has the steering handles against which to pull in strenuous peddling, the 2nd and 3rd riders do not. Available effort for heavy peddling requires upper body involvement to be maximized. Both the pedal boom length and seat position appear fixed - which means a rider with longer or shorter legs than that person it is set up for is going to run into problems, and reduced peddling effectiveness. On any recumbent, X-seam length adjustment is critical.
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    Steering problems aside, I would agree that if he expects to pedal that thing more than a few hundred yards pulling a trailer loaded to 350 pounds, he's gonna have some rather 'burning' legs and a back that won't straighten out for a week (he can always look for spare change around parking meters while he waits to stand up straight.)<g>

    On the other hand, why not give this guy a "slight" break? In his video, he said, "This self designed cargo trailer has a capacity of 350 lbs., and was constructed out of aluminum," or some such thing. He didn't say the boxes contained 350 lbs, or that the trailer was loaded to capacity. This is obvious by the way he so cavalierly whips the tongue around and up to connect to the bike.

    I'm not making fun of the guy, just saying that I think he was somewhat less than honest in what he implied.