Let's get the 4cycle engine kits!


Minnesota Hyena

I have been looking on internet for Gru bee's 4 cycle engine kits.

But i couldn't find a single seller.

I could only find the sale for 100 bulk of them directly from Gru bee.

If we get enough people who wants to buy it .

maybe we can collect all the money buy them.

Note: this kit requires separate purchase of Honda 50GHX engine which cost around 300 dollars i think

Plus you will need big enough room for frame like this picture below

Here is the website. take a look at them. they got couple other newest



Anyone willing to pay post reply here i will start counting.

we need 100 people.



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Aug 4, 2006
hahah, we only have 73 members right now...

also, i was reading it and it said:

* installation Kit only: end user customer supplies USA EPA approved 4 cycle 50cc high rev 2. 5 hp honda gxh50 engine;

i wonder how much 100 kits are...



i would surely own one of those if i could. any 4-cycle engine can be turned into a fire-breathing monster w/the right tweaks.

notice how all the pics of that kit hides the other side of the engine where the red or yellow plastic parts are? eventually someone'll come up wth a scheme to make it more visually appealing, as soon as there are enuff of 'em around to work on.

maybe someday M-B.c's membership could negotiate a bulk purchase :)



the link would be .....me I built that bike 4 years ago when I lost my DL ....yea I can not drive anymore I have to ride "right" but most everything I have built I've gotten from internet photos and some plans and some good old fashion get off the butt and build drive from my wife Wendy telling me to go do something



I'm not a reseller but I've built a lot of bikes my latest one is a chopper with a 10"wide 15" size car rim on the rear if you ever need help on a project send me photos of the bike and the motor and I'll run it thought my cad program and come up with something for ya......now for this bike I took a lawnedger motor Honda gx-100 put a centrifical cluch on it mig welded a 3.5" v-belt rotor on it then I made a jackshaft with a 5" powersteering pump v-belt rotor to a bike chaine ring from a 20" rear rim and the rear wheel is 6" 51 tooth from a old huffy frount chaine ring....and then some old fashion redneck know how



hehe, i got plenty of the know-how, just not much in the way of resources to make it real, would really like to see some of your experienced-input on basic engine tweaks and maintainence. i know the beginner who finds us could sure use the help, that's one main reason we're here & growing so quickly 8)



I'm not by far a pro just a simple man, I used to build race engines at AMI in Martinsville, VA until I was hit by a drunk driver on my way to work one morning who by chance just happend to be in a state owned vehical so now I have a lot of free time on my hands and I love to use things that make building easier for myself



Honda GX50 engine? Uh oh...I happen to have one of those lying around the house currently in use on my pressure washer. Guess I will be washing by hand this summer