lets see those custom air filters.

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    as some of you know i'm in the middle of building a boardtrack inspired "indiain't" (cause it ain't no indian)
    just recently a guy that goes by the name of oldschoolgarage popped in to a bicycle forum i frequent, sporting some very nice boardtrack inspired motored bikes.

    with my vintage build i'm trying very hard to take all the plastic parts out of the picture. which brings me to the reason for my post.

    i noticed old school has some very cool looking air filters (or lack there of)

    i was wondering what you guys have used? was hoping to see some pic's, hear your experiances and basicly pick your brain. i want to come up with an all metal filter that looks vintage/cool but also is effective.

    so lets see those custom/aftermarket airfilters.
    please n thx

  2. ty151

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    heres mine, its originally for a klx 110 dirtbike but slides on with a little touch.

  3. ty151

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    better picture:

  4. Hawk

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    The "Old School Garage" fellow is "Manny" in Long Beach CA. I met him The Long Beach Veteran's Stadium MotorCycle and Bike Swap Meet. He made a custom engine mount for my '57 Schwinn out of a piece of bike frame. Here is a picture with his wife when he finished and one the way it is now! My bike. nor my air filter, is Rat Rod nor Board Track, but I wanted to tell you his "air filters" are simply stock plastic ones with cut off flaired exhaust tip afixed to it. I also saw on this website a guy who took an aluminum tooth brush holder from Walmart and cut it off to make a cool intake filter cover. See link.



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  5. icyuod2

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    i'm that guy. :)

    that was the cure, a stainless toothbrush holder. :)

    i know sometime he uses the stock filters, but the air filters of old schools that i liked were alum.

    i believe there old velocity stacks.
  6. motorpsycho

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    here's mine.
    i made it from an aluminum pop bottle.
    the original filter is inside of it and it really lets the motor breathe alot better.
    I really hated that black plastic air filter housing.
  7. Hawk

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    That looks great.....anymore info on the style or brand of soda?
  8. motorpsycho

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    yeah, sometimes wal mart sells pepsi or mountain dew in painted aluminum bottles.
    i think they are 16 oz bottles.
    i just cut the bottom of the bottle off to make it open, and then cut a 45 degree angle on the other end, if you do this, you will have to put the plastic ring that is in the plastic air filter inside of the stack to secure it to the carb. i epoxied the plastic ring inside the stack and used some shorter screws to hold it on to the carb. the filter element will slip right into the stack the way it is...no need to cut it to fit. i used a small dab of silicone on the edge of the filter to hold it in the stack.
  9. spbwsean

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    $2 air filter

    here's mine made from a dollar store metal cup (i cut down) and a small dollar store sieve i cut for a screen to hold stock filter/sponge in place

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