Lets talk chain cleaning and lube

@DAMIEN1307 No way you use the stock kit chain, right? Surely you upgraded?
I used a stock chain that I originally had with my Zeda 80 for about three years and just kept using it on my Phantom after that for about two years when it finally snapped...Got 5 years outta that sucker for quite a few thousands of miles...lol...lol.

(Thats because I cut them down for custom fit with no tensioner and was too lazy to cut another at that time...lol.)

When it finally self destructed, I went to my friendly neighbourhood Rocky Mountain Supply store that sells and repairs all sorts of 2 and four stroke motors and tools operated by them and ordered a better high quality chain from them...32 bucks worth of chain...lol.
DID Xring chains is what I use on my motorcycles but nearly $100 for a 415 size chain is more than I'll spend. Time to find my coffee can full of paraffin wax.
BUT, you said if one existed, you'd buy it!
I still might buy one. Will see how the stock chain works first. Oring and Xring chains are a game changer on my other bikes. The one drawback is the Oring chains especially is that the added friction can take a bite out the power output of a tiny engine.