Let's talk hub motors.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by boyntonstu, Jan 29, 2015.

  1. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    I want to buy a 500 or a 750 watt 20" rear wheel hub motor.

    (BTW I have a solid rebuilt golf cart 48V controller)

    Where to start?

    Brushed vs non-brushed? efficiency, ease of maintenance

    Geared vs gearless? I have no idea

    Suggested vendors?

    Is it feasible to spoke a 20" wheel onto a hub motor from a 26" wheel?

  2. Bonefish

    Bonefish Member

    You might wanna check out GoldenMotor electric hub. The other MB forum is sponsored by them and most people seem happy with the kits.
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I have a 24v brushed motor and it works fine. Most people buy a 36v 500w hub motor kit. Its personal preference.
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  4. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Batts and speed?
  5. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    My 24v Currie is good for 15mph with a pair of SLA 12v 9ah bricks, after I upped the gear ratio on the motor side. To go 20mph, you will need a 36v motor.
  6. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Not too shabby.

    How far will the pair of 9Ah bricks take you at 15?
  7. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    The SLAs last about 7 miles with no pedaling, Stu.
    I don't ride that way, though. I use the motor to boost me to cruising speed and then my legs take over.
    I get exercise, its much easier on my knees and the batteries drain much slower, even in congested areas.
    Here's my 24v Currie kit. I moved the batteries to an ammo can in the frame and my controller, extra wire and connections are in the fuel tank.
  8. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Nice! Looks neat and uncompleted! How is the motor connected to the wheel? I might have one of those motors available at an electric bicycle shop. I saw it in his back room lying on the floor in a pile of stuff. Somewhere in my garage there is a golf cart controller hacked by an expert to make it tough. I got this going yesterday:

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  9. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    The motor and back wheel are sort of one assembly, as shown in the pic. The motor turns a chain which turns a sprocket on the back wheel and a big aluminum plate connects them. That is why I was able to change the motor gearing with a new left handed freewheel. It is very similar to an axle mounted gas engine.
    You will not get as much speed and range per dollar with an electric kit as you would with gas assist. Electric assist does provide stealth, if your route requires you to spend some time on a sidewalk or multi-use trail.
  10. boyntonstu

    boyntonstu Member

    Did you buy or build the wheel with the left sprocket?
  11. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    The Currie kit came with a complete rear wheel, already attached to the motor as shown above. Its very easy to install, but the kit puts all the weight over the rear wheel, causing shaky handling when approaching or leaving a stop. it handled much better after moving the batteries and controller to the center of the bike.