Lever brakes?

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    Hey everybody,

    Listen, I've got a very fun 26" MTB HT. I know that disc brakes are the way to go, but I've got just regular lever brakes. Can anybody give me a idea of any pad brakes that would last for a good while?

    See, I've done quite a bit to this bike as far as modifications, and it really goes threw the brake pads VERY QUICK!~.............Uno, every 50-75 miles they are about gone.



  2. hurricane

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    I have the same issue , I just keep a stock of brake pads and change as needed.
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    Yes, I've got a few left myself to put on. Gosh, there's got to be a stronger material they could make these babies with, but it's all in the dollar bill!~ LoL, see it also hurts because wear I live theres alot of starting and stopping to get to a open road.

    O'yeah, I also weigh 250lbs......and bike 65lbs.:whistling:
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    here is a tip that might help aswell, instead of going flat tach whenever you can just go moderatly fast:whistling: i know right hard... but you get the point, ok back to the point . just go at a stedy pace and let off the throttle earlier, to try and utilise engine braking, ill try to explain more when my finger is healed but in the mean time just try learn of using other ways to stop, without usuing the brakes as much, or another thing is kevlar pads gtg bye
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    Something is very wrong. Your brake pads should last much much longer.

    I use center-pull cantilever rim brakes. They stop the bike very well and they have lasted for over 4000 miles with little sign of wear. They work as well as when they were new.

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    You need a better quality brake pad. The pads that come on many department store bikes and the ones they sell at walmart are made of a very soft material. It is actually cheaper to spend more money on higher quality pads. Go to a bicycle shop and ask for brand name replacement pads. Shimano, Kool stop, Jigwire, Richy logic to name a few. You do not want the cheap generic ones the bicycle shop sales on the low end. The Kool stop salmon ones are my favorite. They use iron oxide mixed in them AKA rust. This creates better friction so they can use a longer lasting compound that still has good braking. I had a road bike I purchased new at a local shop years ago and I was replacing pads twice a month. I walked in a different bicycle shop and complained about the pad wear and they sold me Mathauser brake pads. The difference in wear was incredible. I paid three times as much for those pads and they lasted close to a year before replacement under the same conditions. Kool stop manufactured Mathausers pads for them. The Kool stop sammon pad is the same compound. If you are not happy with the bike shop selection go on the web and order.
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    Thanks very!~ I'll try and see it that helps..............Appreciate !