LF's Trike powered by Titan Front Wheel Drive!

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by Large Filipino, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys! I've been away due to politics. I'm running for President but there's this whole loophole Born in the Philippines thing I'm trying to work out.

    Anyway,saved up for Duane's new Chrome assembly. Looking good! Some noticeable improvements like extra holes on the carriage plate so moving the engine to fit any application is easily doable.
    So that's going on Cronus for that's still my main ride but for grocery hauling/doggie carrying and hauling my trike fits the bill.
    So I put my old carrier on my trike. It ain't done yet. Still little stuff yet to do. Then I gotta get Cronus going as well.
    Till I can get up some more funds for now my Titan engine will be shared by both bikes.
    Here's some pics.
    Notice my torque strap. It stays put. At first I had it on the side but looking at it further I made it go more center. And look at how my engine sits!
    I can't wait to ride this thing!
    40 tooth sprocket from donor BMX bike. Bolted to the drum not the spokes.
    I tell you,this trike is built pretty well.
    Down the road I'll get some NoMoreFlat tubes on there. I know they work well on 20 inch tires.
    The carriage holders needed a slight hole enlargement then it slid right up to the front axle. This is why I want to go with the solid tube up front. No having to change that front tire having to remove the carriage.

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  2. spunout

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    sweet, large.
    sounds like a lot of work.

    you said 'doggie carrying'....hmm....hook up a treadmill on the back for additional power, and make him earn his keep! haha.

    have fun with it. i know you will. :)

    PS- if i see your name on the bill while i'm taking a dump (i'm not liking mccain or obama) in the voting booth, you got my vote
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  3. graucho

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    Looking great Large. Great idea sharing the engine. How long will it take to swap it out once your all set up? Welcome back. graucho
  4. About 5 minutes. Most of the work is unbolting the engine. Throttle takes a second as will the kill switch quick connect. If I wanted,I could turn the rope starter but that's optional really.
    It's actually rather easy to hop off the trike and pull it from the front so I can play with the choke. With it warmed up and turned,pulling from the saddle is easy too!

    The hardest part of the entire build was figuring out the sprocket frankenstined from the Donor BMX bike. Other than that the carrier install was as painless as installing it on any other bike. And the torque arm I had already planned it to go this way and didn't run into any problems.
    I originally wanted to go with a regular front rim and bolt on the sprocket the way we all do but I really wanted to keep that drum front brake and those thick spokes.
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  5. ozzyu812

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    The engine should be in the cage!! That thing is a real BEAST!!
    They sure named it right. Its HUGE!!
  6. graucho

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    Those are some lucky dogs, dog. Nice vid Large. :cool:
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  7. Dozer was actually shaken up though. The other dogs loved it!!
  8. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    LOL White fluffy dog hated to go on 4 wheeler rides with me at first. Now she gets ****ed off at the wife or myself if we leave her behind.
    White fluffy dog= Border collie, bishon, poodle, ****su. = allergy free mutt.
  9. Oh man I've been riding my 5 dogs so much and I can only take two dogs at a time more than that would be too cruel in that cage that they fight for their turn now! Here's some pics from the other day:

    That first pic was me taking my flat tire to the tire place to have it fixed up. Sure beats having to drop my spare and drive my truck up!

    The other two pics are Baby and Joe Joe.

    I'll take pics of Ollie and Arial when I get a chance.

    Arial is kind of an alone dog. She may need to ride alone or she may fight with any dog I put her with. She's a Yorkie. Ollie and Dozer are Dashhounds. Baby and Joe Joe are Dashound/Chiwawa mix born in my house. Ollie is the dad. Mom sadly we had to give away for she stopped getting along with everyone but she's in good hands.

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  10. eltatertoto

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    very cool large. love that setup
  11. Alaskavan

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    Nice ride Legend. I know you've been wanting a trike for a while. Looks like you've got a good setup there.
  12. So my drum brake front wheel the plate I bolted the sprocket to became rather loose and starting warping out the sprocket. So I went to the thrift store and made a major discovery! A 20 inch bike with a 5 speed hub! Half off today. Total take? 9 dolla for the bike!
    So I installed that thing and to fix the sprocket is on the wrong side dilemma I just slid the jackshaft sprocket over.
    Bottom line,now it's pretty FAST! Yes. That's a 415 chain wrapped around a chain ring that's supposed to take a skinny derailier chain. The chain ring is a 28 (I forget maybe a 29) tooth on a 20 inch rim.
    I also changed the pedal sprocket to I think a 48 tooth so I should have plenty of momentum to get the speed going with the engine.
    First two pics are what happened to my original sprocket. First pic see that brake support inside the hole? Second pic shows how easily you can turn that plate. Now that brake support is gone!
    Third pic is my score today! That back rim is now my front rim for my trike. I may use that fork later. I dunno.
    Fourth pic is my before shot where the jack shaft normally goes.
    Pic 5: Jackshaft sprocket slid over,415 chain laced over large sprocket. It was actually rather easy to do.
    Pic 6: I took this shot after an amazing ride!
    The freewheel is a bonus. It's strange when I stare at my engine while riding I'm sure it has to be at least 30 mph today I was flying,how when I let off the throttle my chain just stops spinning and the freewheel takes over.
    Oh and from MOOP 1 I had a NoMoreFlat tube that's rather torn up. I trimmed it down to accept a 20 inch tire. That's up front,yo. Those things are almost 20 bucks! I think I have 2 more to handle the back side,then when I do my hauling I need not worry about a flat.
    Yes,with this gearing,I may see some miles on this dawg.

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  13. So my gearing I have gone to about 40 mph way way too fast for my blood especially when right now all I have for brakes is my coaster I need to change my fork to get any front brakes going. Then because of my way tall gearing I needed to really pedal along with engine on any hill so hill climbing was simply not there.
    So here's my fix!
    12 tooth sprocket from Grainger.
    It made a HUGE difference. Now the power is at a lower speed and it just pulls along up those hills and I can still get 25 mph on the straights,just about the right top speed for a trike.
    The chain is a #40 from Lowes. Wider than a 415 chain. And Grainger has these sprockets in different teeth up to 25 teeth so anything is possible.
    Yes,if you have a 24 or 26 inch trike those 5 speed hubs are way more common than a 20 inch and you can mount it up front using a sprocket like mine. I calculate for a 24 inch trike to use a 16 tooth and an 18 tooth for a 26 inch rim.
    Benefits? Freewheel for next to nothing those hubs you can get them dime a dozen practically. And because that 28 tooth sprocket is not bolted on it's as true as can be.

    I'm thinking too that a 25 tooth sprocket may work for something like a 20 tooth THREE SPEED up front.

    And chain adjusting for tension is easy. Washer here a washer there epic win!

    To install the old style jackshaft has the 10 tooth sprocket welded on to the jack shaft. The newer version has the sprocket bolted on. I have the old style so I just flipped the jackshaft around.

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  14. srdavo

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    Large, you are one, crafty motoredbiker!!
    nice work!
  15. fetor56

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    Really good job there Large.
  16. rkbonds

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    Diggin the setup. Are you able to use the different gears or are you just using the one gear?
  17. Oh no just the one gear. In fact that 415 chain is too thick to even use on the other gears.
    I'm gonna scour the thrift stores within the next month for a 20 inch three speed hub with a 20 tooth sprocket! Oh yea THEN I will have GEARS!!!
    I figure a 20 tooth sprocket rim will need about a 16 tooth jackshaft sprocket. It would be a bit more if I'm dealing with a 26 inch wheel but this puppy is a 20 inch.
    Yea I'm pretty lucky that Grainger has a local store so incredibly close to me! They carry a 16 tooth for about 12 bucks or so.
    If this was a 26 inch wheel the sprocket I would need would be about a 24 tooth. And with that you can run a 26 inch 3 speed hub 20 tooth sprocket up front trike or bike!
    And even the three speed hubs freewheel too! And the hub sprocket would be as true as can be. And these 3 speed rims are pretty much everywhere but wish me luck finding one with a 20 inch rim. I REALLY lucked out finding that 20 inch 5 speed rim as it is.

    And if I had $$$ a Nuvinchi hub laced to a 20 inch rim would absolutely RULE!!!!
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  18. Alaskavan

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    Next time you mess with that upper chain, you might want to think about turning the master link clip around. Looks to me like you've got the open end running forward. (Probly not a problem, but better safe than sorry). Great work LFL.