LH freewheel hub


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Apr 6, 2008
"The Bog" NH
I saw a LH freewheel hub for motorized bikes on ebay when was unsure what kit i was goin to use to motorize my bike. It had a large single sprocket on the left that was a freewheel and the cassette on the right. Now that i have decided to get the 2 Stroke 70cc Bicycle engine kit from www.boostbottleindustries.com. I can't find it on eBay now. I would like to get one because it would seem like turning the engine with the rim would cause alot of drag. Unless the engine is on all the time because that is how it starts. I don't really want the engine is on all the time. If that is how the engine starts I would have to get get some sort of electric starter, like off of a riding lawnmower.

BTW: I emailed www.boostbottleindustries.com sales and asked them for a users and installation manual so that it would answer a lot of my confusion. With no reply its been a week or two now.:???:

I think I will also post this in tech questions.
Thanks in advance!
PS I wound up posting it in Frame-Mounted Engines & Drive-Trains. I could'nt post in question guess its only for non-members
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