Liability Insurance - WHAT DO YOU HAVE, WHAT IS AVAIL?

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    Please respond only if you have Liability Insurance on your MB.
    1) Who do you go through? and if you have their phone number please add.
    2) What does it cost per 6mo/1yr?
    3) Did you have to go through any special hoops (adding lights, etc) before they would insure you?
    4) Do they cover your bike in case it gets stolen?

    Thank you! I finally got my ride built and because I have an Alabama Driver's License I have no need to register it, though Insurance is iffy - required on motor vehicles though this appears to be cop dependent with no real documentation in the database to provide a yes (because it has a motor) or no (because it's still a bicycle) answer. My insurance carrier does not consider it a motorcycle, nor a moped, but instead a converted bicycle (which they do not provide insurance for). Irregardless of the law, I would like coverage to help protect me in the event of an accident. My insurance company is searching to find another group that will insure it, but I was hoping the MB community might be able to find something faster, cheaper, and better (reason I am asking questions 1 thru 4).

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    Outside of four states, nothing is available.

    I did my research on this yesterday:
    Texas, Washington, Oregon, Virginia can obtain insurance via:

    Their site says that more states will be added later on. Currently neither Allstate, nor GEICO will insure a converted bicycle. Now at first you might wonder why you would want insurance, but liability would help mitigate some of the risks of being the slow guy on the road or the accidents where you found your break just broke, etc. Uninsured motorist would be good for hit and runs, and theft would give you that extra protection without paying the hefty penalties by putting a claim in on your house. Although the Getclipp stuff isn't as great as what a motorcycle or scooter might protect, it does appear to be the only option in any of the states at present.

    P.S. I also found out that my state (AL) does not require "Mandatory Liability Insurance" for converted bicycles. Took the first ride into work today!
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    I don't, but anyway.

    First you need to find out if you can title your motorized bicycle at the drivers license facility or not.
    You need a title first, to get insurance.
    You need insurance first, to get the bicycle registered.

    This is probably a clue that you're SOL as far as getting any kind of auto policy.


    I would also wonder if getclipp even covers motorized bicycles. Their website and forms say nothing of engines at all.
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    I got my liability insurance from Velosurance Bike Insurance

    I pay 220$ a year for my MB, so that makes it $110/6 months and

    They got following options on liability.
    • $25,000
    • $50,000
    • $100,000
    I did not have to go through special hoops and they have bike theft coverage too (but you will have to obtain a police report first)

    I know also that a huge publicly traded company Markel also offers liability insurance for bikes, but I liked the customer service of Velosurance more. Their prices are the same though.
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    You would be able to get moped insurance in any state that allows you to register your bike as a moped, or for non-kit engines exceeding the requirements of a moped, motorcycle insurance if you are able to register it as such. I am sure that moped and motorcycle insurance include liability coverage. Pennsylvania is one state that allows for registration as a moped, motorcycle registration I am unsure of. I live in PA, but am neither registered nor insured in any way, nor will I be. But I do know of several others who have registered as mopeds here, and have moped insurance. It's anywhere from $90 to $150/yr, depending who you go through.
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    Just because someone doesn't have insurance doesn't mean they know nothing about it. Asking people to respond only if they have it is just denying yourself the information of those who have done the research but chosen not to apply it. I chose to respond because I have knowledge, but I didn't have to.