Lifan 2.8 h.p. 4 cycle engine for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by robo5050, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Hello forum members,
    I am currently bidding on a motor(Tecumseh) that I should win in a few days,
    and need to sell another engine to make room for that engine;the engine I have for sale is a Lifan flathead 2.8 h.p. engine that I bought form the same
    website,but have never started it(I will verify that it does run,does not smoke,etc.,but nothing more!!!) since getting it.
    The problem I noticed with the Lifan is that its' pto/shaft is metric at 16 mm diameter that is very hard(for me at least) to find centrifugal clutches,or
    Comets torq-a verter to fit it!!

    btw,I did check the oil in the engine,and it looks used but not overly dirty/gunky!!
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  3. robo5050

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    I would let it go for $70(not included is if I have to pay shipping),which is less(a lot less) than I paid for it!!

    I could use the room, though, since the garage is a little cluttered right now.

    like I said before in my original post,I will make sure it is in good running condition,if you are serious about buying this engine;it looks fairly well kept,and low hours.
  4. robo5050

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    I will make a serious buyer a deal;Lifan 4 stroke engine

    I will accept $75 for it;since it looks like it has been well taken care of,and near new condition!!

    Like I said in my original post,I will make sure that it starts/runs before selling it to a "serious" buyer!!:cool:

    BTW,the following attachment has the Lifan engine installed in the OEM Doodle Bug mini bike...:smile:

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    Hi robo5050. If this helps your sale, I have the same engine that I use in my hydrogen experiments. Here is a few shots of what they look like out of the bike. (Both sides of engine) A note to anyone interested, this is a very smooth running, very quiet engine design.

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