Lifan on Rear Rack (new rack-no weld)

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  1. lowracer

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    I am settling on rear rack & leaving this bike alone (I promise this
    This engine has been on the front, then rear, then front again, then pusher trailer, now back on the rear.
    I built this new rack using longer 'L' angle iron & firmly connecting the front to a cutoff handlebar & using a 3/8" threaded rod to go thru the handlebar & bottom section of both angle irons. I used 5/16" bolts w/ nylock nuts for the rest of the connections. Its V-Belt driven & does 50+ mph.
    Having experimented with different layouts & racks, this version is the best place for this frame & this engine having the least amount of powerside interference.
    Hope you enjoy the pics

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  2. Turtle Tedd

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    Nice Rocky Mountain Rocket-ship
  3. azdragoon

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    Please tell us about that drive system. Where did you find the pulley and how did you attach it?
  4. lowracer

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    The pulley on the clutch is 3" & comes from Max Torque for $49.99 on eBay
    The wheel pulley is a 15" Whizzer Sheave also found on eBay for $30.00 & bolts right onto a 36 spoked wheel on the non-drive side spokes. The V-Belt is an AX notched V-Belt (notched makes it easier to go around smaller sized pulleys)
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  5. lowracer

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    new Pics (added cross support to rear rack)

    Here are a couple of new pics showing some additional bracing done to the rear rack & using the disc brake tab as a support mounting point. Hooked up the speedometer today. She runs mid 20's barely above idle.

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  6. cargo-master

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    Looking good Lowracer, Barely above idle & you're already doing 20's! Woah! Hang onto to your skid-lid!!! Obviously be safe out there & don't let the tail of your shirt get wrapped up in the belt drive. --- c/m
  7. lowracer

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    Funny I was thinking the same thing about the shirt being tucked into my pants before riding it...
    I changed out the solid mount belt tensioner in favor of some inner tubing pulling on the 1 skateboard wheel arm for variable belt tension. Seems to smooth things out at higher rpm's & speed since there must be some degree of out of round between the rear wheel &/or the whizzer sheave &/or the clutch play.
  8. Tanaka40

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    Too bad that CA has a 2 HP limit

    That's one nice home build rack unit. Too bad its 2.5 HP , therefore illegal in CA . If there was a 2 HP motor, it would make the local Police Dept. happy. :jester:
  9. Turtle Tedd

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    Just get a small pc of light gauge metal..take it to a jewelry store and have them engrave 2HP and the model of the motor and whatever ..attach it to the motor...or buy a cheep set of stamps and stamp the motor casing directly ( this would probably look more like "factory" )
  10. Hive

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    Lifan Rig

    Good job, big motor, huge motor, needs shock seat, fork and means careful riding? Good engineering.

    If you do not do crazy things, likely the CHP or locals will hardly give you a glance, but the 2-HP sign is good idea. I wonder, can you install a carb restrictor plate to make it a 2-HP?
  11. shiloh0

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    i like the craftsmanship of your bike. its a neat looking build
  12. lowracer

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    Thanks for the kudos.
    That bike went thru a few more evolutionary changes & now no longer exists.
    I since took that engine & moved it to the front of my DH MTB & then put a BMP kit w/Robin EH035 on the rear of this bike.
    Then I bought a different new frame (heavy duty cromoly steel dirt jumping frame) & just replaced that Rocky mountain frame in those pics with the new frame.
    It was a fun project, but was way too much motor for a rear rack.
  13. bigkahuna

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    Looks beefy and fast! Where'd you get that seatpost mount bracket thingie?
  14. tone2crazy

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    its a handlebar clamp for bmx and mountain bikes. any bike shop should have them.
  15. lowracer

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    Yeah its just a regular stem and a cut down piece of old handlebar that a 3/8" rod goes thru & nylock bolts on both sides. I used a shim to allow the 1-1/8" stem (28.6) to fit the 27.2 seatpost. It holds the front end of the rack nicely & is removeable in a jiffy.
  16. bigkahuna

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    I think it's a very clean and clever way to mount it and I'm surprised more people don't do it that way.
  17. rustycase

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    Aside from the faults, which you have mentioned, you have done a great job producing a low buck no-weld transportation option.
  18. lowracer

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    If you liked that seatpost/stem mount, check out what I just uploaded under the old picture gallery named: Frame Swap (Aluminum to CroMoly).
    Its got 2 seatpost stems & one of them serves as both a seat mount & engine mount.
  19. bigkahuna

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    @Lowracer - Hey, you've given me an idea on how to solve my layback seat post problem! ;)
  20. 4950cycle

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    Hey Alex, I see your out up to your old motorbike building. Good to know your still in the MB game. I am thinking of puting DOT approved moped 17s on my rear rack build. BTW, picked up the last two 79cc slant Greyhounds that they (Harbor Freight) are going to sell. They discontinued them in favor of the 98cc Prediter ( I think the same slant block ? ) But now instead of Royal Blue they are Black.