Life, the universe and everything

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  1. Fabian

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    Calling all armchair geneticists (and few qualified to answer with authority) to give your opinion on this research.

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    To anyone that dont think its possible that aliens exist, just consider this:
    There are around 10 billion suns in each galaxy. Each one can have numerous planets circling it.
    There are more than 10 billion galaxies in the universe.
    So if there are an average of two planets circling each sun then heres the math showing how many planets there are:
    2 x 10,000,000,000 x 10,000,000,000 = 200,000,000,000,000,000,000
    So Mr skeptic; do you really think that we are the only planet out of all of those that has life on it?
    The Earth is only 4 billion years old. It is illogical to think that all life throughout the universe started at the same time because planets all have different ages. Lets say theres a planet in a neighboring galaxy that became fully formed 4.5 billion years ago and that it took the same amount of time for life to evolve. That means their evolutiuonary journey started .5 billion years earlier, which is 500 million years earlier. We just recently started to travel in outer space. Assuming it took them the same amount of time to do the same then for the last 500 million years they have been space travelers. You dont think that in 500 million years another race of beings couldnt figure out how to quickly travel the vast expanses of outer space? Ever hear of worm holes?
  3. Fabian

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    This thread isn't about "if" life exists elsewhere in the universe, because the concept of panspermia "is" a virtual certainty.
    The thread is aimed at those with good knowledge of genetics to bring forward an opinion as to the validity of research brought forward in the video.
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    A geneticist on this forum? ha!
    heres my two cents worth: Human DNA is distinct and anything of significant variation from it can be called non-human. But keep in mind that chimpanzees only vary 3% from ours. At what percentage can you draw the line to say something is non-human?
    Its been a long time since I saw that video. I will have to watch it again to hear what definitive statements they make regarding the skulls DNA.

    Fabian, the number of skeptics out there is enourmous. That is because the most flawed book in human history, the bible, basically says that humans on this planet are a unique creation and there is no indication in it that God ever repeated his experiment elsewhere.
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    The amazing popularity of so called Aliens or ETs or life from elsewhere has a reason.
    Even famed athiest Richard Dawkins now believes life came from outer space.
    New Age mediums (now called - Remote Viewers) are messaging that a large number of people who are unable to make the next evolutionary leap will be removed and taken to another place
    The most powerful telescope in the world (owned by the Vatican) is being used to try to observe life from elsewhere.
    A high level Catholic has stated they will baptise Aliens when they get here.

    All the above is a set-up for the coming delusion.

    The ETs are not from outer space. They are from another dimension.

    Physical objects cannot escape radar, yet be seen visually, or vise/versa, or split into 2 or 3 objects then disappear. But spiritual beings can.

    The coming delusion is the false explaination for the soon Departure.
  6. Stoltzee

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    It seems to me that persons with a good knowledge of genetics did the testing.

    The film maker is the one, who posted the video.

    Personally I find validity in the science.
  7. Fabian

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    My impressions are that the research is well structured, but two of my ex-girlfriends (one with a Ph.D in micro biology) and the other completing a Ph.D in biology and working her way up the ranks in the field of medicine through cancer research both say that the evidence presented is total rubbish and it wouldn't stand up to any peer reviewed analysis.

    Having said that, i am all too aware that research is dependent on funding, and you only get funding if you deliver results that the funding entity wishes to see, or wishes to publish - big pharma is a classic example of how this system works.
    If your research (no matter how thorough and well thought out) delivers unfavourable results to the establishment, you will never get another research grant, which in some ways could destroy your career.
  8. Stoltzee

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    Well I know a little about what your talking about. Especially the funding part, and I am a peer in the essence, but just looking at a "You Tube Video" with no references to the persons in the video, or the information being presented; then I will agree that it is not "Evidence Based Fact." Also if that information is not available: then professional person's in there respective fields could not make an "Evidenced Based Fact" opinion of the video. Basically what in all boils down to is "Hear/Say," and adjourn the council.
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    I enjoy watching the Ancient Alien shows because there is much that it unexplained. I don't believe that extraterrestrial visitation is the only possible explanation.