Lifelong Rider……But New 2 Being Motored.

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    About 6 weeks ago an oportunity arose for me to buy an F80b. (generic china girl) Even though I didnt even own a bike at the time,(very unusual for me!!) I brought the kit anyway. Over the next week I started researching websites and stumbled upon MOTOREDBIKES.COM forum,¦....before I knew it, my motor was in pieces, being given a few basic modifications!!! I even managed to scrounge up enough parts to put together a ride! So far I have given the stock nt carb a port & polish, slightly enlarged the jets by hand with a bit from a dremel, homemade highflow air filter using aquarium filter,larger fuel line for increased flow, honed out the inlet/exhaust manifolds, shaved about 0.5mm from the head using the mirror+sandpaper method then made a new head gaskit from coca cola can. NGK spark plug .¦ far.. Ive riden a few stock standard straight out of the box motoredbikes and i'd have to say there is absolutely no way I could have left mine stock!! The extra power and speed is incredible!!!. After the constant tinkering Ive got her running sweet. The way it revs out at WOT/top speed is a little bit scary to be honest!! But when I do rev it out like that its never for very long, Im a bit worried it will blow apart between my legs when its revving off its head like that !!! THANK YOU ALL for the advice and the ideas for mods. My bike would not even go half as fast as it does if it wasnt for this forum. Sorry about the long rambling post, but I love my bike. I wish I got one years ago!!!
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    Welcome to MBc. We try to help anyone who needs it, but it sounds like you have a pretty good handle on the mechanics of the thing. If you would post your name, we would appreciate it. Please read the forum rules and stickies at the top of this thread...they contain a lot of good information to help you get around the various forums.
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    Welcome from another ozzie. I'm glad to hear that there is another spanner man in the ranks. When I put my ride together it was going to be left stock to keep it cheap, I turned my back and all of a sudden it had a tuned pipe, disc brakes, high end suspension forks, alloy handle bars and tonight it grew a 1200 lumen head light !!! Wonders will never cease.

    Cheers BJ
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    Cheers Guys, Thanks for the welcome. While my bike is running very good now, it hasnt all been smooth sailing. At first i was having a lot of trouble with the chain tensioner moving, throwing the chain off, it went into the spokes and buckled my rim/broke a few spokes, until a mate sugested i shorten the chain. (common rookie mistake probably!!!) Also I have learned to only change one thing/do one mod at a time!! If you do multiple mods, and it runs worse than before you made the changes, you cant pinpoint exactly whats making it run so bad!! But I absolutely love tinkering and trying to make it go harder!!! I am running the stock exhaust with the end cap/tailpipe removed at the moment. Apart :cool2:from the loudness, is it ok to run it like that??? the power increase with it off is too good to put it back on!!! Thanks Again. CHRIS.........
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    welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have a good grasp of things so I only want to share one rule that most mb'ers follow- NO SPANDEX ;-)