Lifes a Journey or Yet Another Movie...

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    I have,

    Yet another Movie.

    thats a bad reference to the song in my vid
    this one is in celebration
    of life, travel and some of what it has shown me.

    I have stolen some bike pic ofa here,
    as they sorta fit in,
    plus other random bits that doint fit.

    There's too much for one vid even.

    Yet another Movie, is the soundtrack its by Pink Floyd.

    A trip to the country side the inspiration for a collage
    of landscape shots.
    I hope you enjoy the show, even for the music.


    Will Start

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    The below link has been updated, slight mod to the vid.
    someone didn't like their picture, being on the web,
    not me, my life has always been on the web in some form.

    The music would sound good loud,
    most music sounds better louder :evil: