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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by retrophoto, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. retrophoto

    retrophoto Guest

    I read the search on light but didn't see this particular question answered. Does anyone know what happens if you put six volts through a 3 volt led tail light.

    Back when I ran the studio I converted many strobe lights to battery packs by simply installing dowels with screws in the ends to replace the battery naturally the screw were wrapped in wire that lead to a higher amp battery which improved the lights recycle times. So if anyone knows what happens I would appreciate the information.

  2. sensationpdx

    sensationpdx Member

    Most LEDs dont like or will not tolerate extra voltage applied to them. But I have noticed the water clear super bright LEDs can often handle it. If there are 3 or more LEDs in the light, that will also help. When you hook them up... look for dimming or color change if that occurs, disconnect right away! You can use a few 4001 1/2 watt power diodes in series to drop the voltage down from 6 to 3 volts also. These diodes are available at any radio shack. Each Diode will give you a .7 volt drop.

  3. retrophoto

    retrophoto Guest


    I have run a 3 volt strobe light on 6volts often, but then that is just charging a capacitor. Leds are way too new for me to grasp. I'm thinking a five led tail light. If that burns out it is no big loss, I'll just get one of the 6volt front lights and put a red cover over the lens to make a red tail light.
  4. sensationpdx

    sensationpdx Member

    I think the 5 LED setup in those blinky tail lights will be ok with the 6 volts. Because they are high ouput, they will be able to handle the 6 volts.... Go for it!
  5. Bean Oil

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    This is the White Zone, MB.c's off-topic area. Why wan't this posted in a tech forum?

    And why is it that every froum on this site is ruled with such an iron fist yet no one seems to care about valid tech threads becoming buried here in this forum? This is the third "infraction" I've seen in here.

    I don't get it. [​IMG]
  6. retrophoto

    retrophoto Guest

    Seems to me that where ever I put one it is wrong, so I just stick things that aren't concerning the kit here. This doesn't seem to qualify as real techie just a bit of musing.

    I am sure the 6volt ones will work. All you have to do is cut 2 wooden dowels the size of a aa battery, then put a screw in the end with a wire around it find the positive and negative terminals that actually feed the light and put the dowels and wires on them. Then just hook them to the bikes green and black wires as my kit directions say. One is pos one is neg and it should work.

    I was curious to see if the 3volt tail light would blow. I thought someone else might have tried it. Not a problem when the bike runs well enough, I will give it a shot.

    Norman I saw your light and its cool, I'm not that ambitious. I'm looking for the quick easy fix like the oil in the spark plug hole . LOL does nothing for a seized engine by the way. I redid the carb so I'm waiting till it stops raining to give it a try. It did turn over and run just couldn't keep it running.
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