Light weight automotive spec trailers

Discussion in 'Bicycle Trailers' started by Fabian, Jun 30, 2013.

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    where are the hispeed hiway rated tires and hubs ?
    Why cant the hitch allow the scooter to lean in turns?
    where are the trailer lights?
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    THIS trailer is auto spec

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    Is that scooter boot even legal? It looks ok for what it's designed for, but like posted above, seems to have no markers or lights, and uses lawnmower tires. For $450, it sure looks disappointing. It's a good idea, though (a lightweight trailer made for scooters and mopeds that can't steer with or pull a lot of weight).
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    That thing costs more than most of the builds I do, and I'm not sure most bikes could even pull it. A smaller version of this would be great though. And hooking up a swivel hitch wouldn't be a big deal.
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    fruit pickup bike 1b.jpg You ought to make one, for less than $100. Look on if you need help. That site says the $450 one weighs 35 lb unloaded. Seems reasonable for a scooter or moped, especially one with 2 speeds.

    When I had a happytime bike, it would pull a 25lb kid-carriage and about 20lb of stuff with no problem, and struggled against a load of groceries (100lb) but with the stock 44t it would pull it.

    The 33cc Dax bike is unreliable for the grocery haul with a 1.25 roller, but will sing merrily and haul it with the 1". I guess it's about the power band.
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    I put this one together for pretty much free. A kiddie trailer that the canvas was mostly rotted off, and some scrap plywood I had laying around. It's been working great for over 3 years now.
    Big Red.

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