lightiing system thread



a few months ago i saw a thread about how someone installed a lighting system. i think they used a battery. he had pictures and a lot of good instructions. now i can't find it. does anyone know where it is? i've already found a bunch of other threads but they're not the right one.
Try this one too

I just built myself a bright taillight and motorcycle signal lights powered by a 12volt system. It needs a real 12 volt battery, but that's coming soon. It works pretty good and was not hard to make at all. Some aluminum, a red LED light bar, two motorcycle signal lights, a signal flasher from Canadian Tire, a bunch of 20ga wire, connectors, solder, burnt fingers, melted plastic, lantern batteries, and presto! If somebody wants to I can go through step by step what I did.
i found a good thread that organized a bunch of the lighting system threads. it had links to like over 40 lighting threads. i checked out over ten of em and still didn't find the one i was looking for. now i can't even find this thread. i saw it last week. i can't find it now.

the search function is kinda frustrating. i've done several searches. it always gives me over a hundred threads. and over 90% of em have nothing to do with what i'm looking for.

i guess it wasn't meant to be. maybe someday i will find em again. finding a specific thread here is next to impossible. i should've bookmarked it.
use "advanced search"'ll have more options for narrowing your results.

to get help here, give us something specific you saw/read in the topic in question.