Lighting high performance cdi and the kill switch

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by commanderroach1999, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Do u wire the kill switch onto a lightning high performance cdi? Or is the lock key the kill switch?

  2. KB_UK

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    It'd be faster to try the key and see what it does than wait for a reply from someone who owns one just like yours.
  3. Frankenstein

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    I own it, I use a kill switch just like a normal cdi, in fact they outlined in the installation manual how to hook the kill wire up. The key lock is actually a slow method of shut off. It's just a hassle, in fact I almost never use the feature unless I'm in one particular place where I had a friend who locked their bike up, somebody started the bike by kick starting it (lifting it up and giving the pedals a good push) and left it running, when he came back some stupid kid was reving the engine like f***ing crazy and it seized the motor. Now I use it if around there because I don't want people starting it. If I had a pull starter I might use it all the time, because a pull starter is way too easy for some immature jerk to f**k around with, if it's permanently off untill I say so then it wouldn't be a problem. Also my toggle switch that acts as a kill/run without lights/run with lights type of switch, so before starting they would need to know how to turn the kill switch off which is where it rests when not in use.

    It's up to you to figure out what you like, I can tell you the key doesn't stay in the lock in either on or off position, much like many motorcycles are designed in the ignition lock out.
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    Never even heard of it where'd you get it?
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    I like the idea of a keyed CDI.
    Anyone who has played with ignitions can figure out a kill switch or remote ignition switch.
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    I got mine from, the gasbike variety is a copycat and probably not even close in quality. They also recently started using the name thunder instead of lightning. Guess it was getting a little too warm in the legal department's office again.