Lighting Kit, make your bike legal


New Member
Jul 16, 2008
Hi everyone, I'm new to forum and I'd like to thank everyone for letting me on here. I've had my bike licensed for a couple of years now. I went through abit of head scratching to come up with a lighting system that works fairly well. I took my bike to the DMV showed them my setup and they liked it. I have my bike licensed as a moped. Since I run a 2 cycle engine which doesn't charge my batteries; I needed a low amp system with a battery pack I could recharge easily. I run a 12 volt system with mostly high output LEDs. I do use a Halogen high beam in my headlight. The brake/tail light is way bright and it's all run through a keyed switch.
Anyway, I was wondering if there's a market for a kit light system? Would you folks be interested in such a kit? The kit would be like mine, prewired, bolt on.
You can see my light system on my profile, in the photo album.