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    OK I've been lurking g around all over with my head cut off looking for a light kit for my huasheng .wanted to have some kind of generator on board to charge a battery and thus forth.Im much of a new to electronics especially wiring wise.
    Does the huasheng have like a charging coil ?.or something I can generate energy off of? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    There is one version of the Huasheng (53CC) with a generator onboard, but it is a less imported model. Most Huashengs (49CC) don't have any elec.

    I've mucked around with plenty of bottle gennies over the years, and they often tend to fall apart on our bikes over time. They need mount work.
    A single 6v3w bottle genny puts out more power than a chinagirl 2-stroke's magneto does, tho. Secured properly it could run a batt for LEDs.

    There are plenty of small hubs and small alternators for small engines that can all supply the juice. Just depends on your money and ingenuity.
    It may just be easiest to run your batteries and plug-in charge as needed. It's what I've always done anyway, least amount of hassle and weight!
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    I think I'm going to look that one seeing this doesn't have any way to generate electricity.I was thinking of following this method but pretty much with my own stuff! . I just don't know anything about wiring and the forth .Otherwise is there a better 4 stroke engine with a on board generated so I don't have to add the extra weight to my bike ?ir is there a way I can run a charging method from one of the bottle gennies?dynos ?only up to three types the friction dyno that gets its power from the wheel turning. Hub dynamo ...and the chain .each have its ups and downs

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    Phantom Bikes has a secondary coil and regulator for a regulated 12V DC light system.

    I talked with John and he said he'd sale the system without their light for $145.
    I haven't tried one yet and there are no specs other than it bolts on and makes 12VDC.
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    Thanks guys I'll bookmark both also what about tail brake light and signaler? Gotta make this bike as legal as possible so I can register it as a moped