Lighting System Conclusion

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    After solving the lighting problem completely, as seen here,, I decided not to proceed into production, due to the cost of the solution, and the fact that motorized bicycles are not legal in Illinois. It was very exciting to solve the problem as an inventor, and it required both electrical and mechanical engineering. I see two lower cost solutions: Either use batteries, or purchase a Lifan engine that is equipped with an alternator and make a motorized bike with it. If I ever find a way to reduce the cost, I would put it into production, but not now. The market or business is too small and the solution too costly.
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  2. i am using a 18volt cordless tool battery and a 1 hour quick charger they came from a cordless hedge trimmer on sale at walmart for $45. Battery will last for years and can be replaced for $18. battery weighs 1lb.
    and im using a car 12volt clear headlight and a car 12volt red dome taillight,the lights are hooked together in series to equal 24volts and came from a autoparts store for $10 for both. the bulbs last a long time and can be replaced for $2.
    I have a 110v house fan switch for the on/off switch and a inline fuse $5.
    These lights are bright,can be seen far away and last for hours.
    Turn signals and horn could also be hooked up if a person wanted to.