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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by RedBaronX, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. RedBaronX

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    I didn't actually buy any of the lights that I saw because I was so mad when I discovered that I was getting FOLLOWED LIKE A CRIMINAL by employees, but still...

    I was at the hardware store looking for something else when I passed by the automotive aisle where they have-- 12v lights for tractors, trailers, ATVs, and all sorts of other things that might not have come with lights in the first place. The floodlight/spotlight/headlight was something like just $15, and strongly resembled something you WOULD find on a motorcycle, it's a cheaper alternative to anything I found on eBay. They've also got reds and ambers in various sizes, all 12v.

    But I won't be buying the lights from THAT hardware store. I hate getting followed like a shoplifter...

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Quit acting guilty, then.
  3. Fulltimer

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    Their loss! There are other places to get lights, as you know. I could see it if you were 16 years old.

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    What hardware store was it? I'll be sure to avoid it because I always look guilty of something!:devilish:
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    the Ace out by Brookfield Square. the only reason I went there is because I work in B'Field and it's right at the bus stop I get off to continue on to work.

    I go there a lot, but when I turned to leave the automotive aisle, there was an employee leaning up against a display or something watching me-- he was being pretty obvious about it, but I didn't notice until then because I was ACTUALLY looking at the lights, not just pretending I was.
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    There is always the Farm & Fleet, which probably has a larger selection anyway, and there is the Ace a couple miles from my house. Because of the neighborhood THAT one is in, I am completely run of the mill at that one (working class DIYer)
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    (I actually get followed a lot like that... )
  8. Whizzerd

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    Not too sure I'd take it seriously. Pilferage is becoming a huge problem in theses tuff times. Maybe the clerk was eyeballing you for some other reason!
  9. RedBaronX

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    he was old enough to be my father, so I HOPE he wasn't ogling me :tt1:

    and I'm really not that hot... :ack2:

    I work retail, so I KNOW that shoplifters exist, but I wasn't doing anything that was suspicious... I just get followed A LOT.
  10. SimpleSimon

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    In which case, darlin', I suspect he was NOT watching you as a potential thief.
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    No need to be HOT, honey, you're young! OK, now we can be SURE you're not going back to that store!!! Hey, seriously, I've found some nice auto fog lights(for headlights) and trailer marker lights, both 12 volt at auto parts stores. Light weight and sturdy. Halogen, LED, etc.. Reasonable prices. Some guys have reported purchasing similar at WMart. And that, Red Riding Hood, is the 'straight' up deal. (Gawd I'm off this 'fore I get Bannished!!!)
  12. Fulltimer

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    You can get some real nice LED lights at truck stops. My red tail light is about 8"X3" with 24 LED's in it. Real bright!

  13. james65

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    Hardware lights

    I purchased a set of those fog lights $13 a pair. Work great.

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    more than anything, I am glad that I found (without even looking) cheaper workable lights than specifically motorcycle lights. I'm guessing that the farm store might have even more to choose from. And now that I have the bike running (FINALLY) I can actually GET to the farm store!
  15. RedBaronX

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    I just picked this up from Advance Auto Parts. It's pretty lightweight, weather proof, all that good stuff. 12v. I'm going to mount it to the front with just an L bracket-- I've got a flange/screw hole where the fender mounts to the fork, and it will fit perfect right there

    ATV 12v light

    Once I have it mounted, the hard part is going to be deciding how to weather proof the battery and mount it somewhere... I've got some ideas.
  16. SimpleSimon

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    RedBaronX, I have a suggestion.

    I made a weatherproof battery box from a Tupperware container. Drilled a pair of holes for the two wires, and used metal grommets (got them at a fabric store) to put a split proof edge on the holes, threaded the wires through and used a basting syringe to fill the void with clear silicon sealant. Then I put a similar pair of holes w/grommets near the top and bottom of each side, and used a pair of lightweight U bolts (from Lowe's) to mount the box. Once mounted, more silicone sealant weatherproofed the bolt holes. I did reinforce the inside and outside of the mounting points with short pieces of metal strapping, as the plastic itself isn't all that strong.
  17. Whizzerd

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    55 watt bulbs are nice and bright BUT pull 4.59 amps. If you use a SLA make it a 7-8 amp hour rated battery and remember discharging an SLA below 50% charge can damage it. It would give you about one hour of use before needing recharged. One that size is heavy too. Don't mean to rain on your head, it's being very responsible of you to build with safety in mind!
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  19. RedBaronX

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    (I googled "SLA battery"...)

    so... this? SLA battery

    I got me a 12v dry cell at the hardware store... will that run out too quick? It's a big sucker, a little bit larger than the one I posted above.

    and the charger... that just plugs into the wall, right? As opposed to charging from a running car or something like that. I was looking at lights and batteries that all charged through a cigarette lighter, and that's not practical at all...
  20. Whizzerd

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    Sorry. 'Sealed Lead Acid', SLA. Popular, newer technology 12 Volt lead acid storage batteries that will not leak electrolyte even if cracked, etc.. I'm using a 5.5 aH SLA in a system w/ a 15 superbright LED auto foglight as a Headlight and a "beehive" shaped trailer marker lamp for the rear light. I make the battery holder box and lamp holder "brackets" from Black Walnut. Easily runs 3.5 hrs. per charge w/o overdischarging the SLA. Lights and switch from Advance Auto. For pics go to ,"Customer Gallery". I'm Mike from Muncie,IN and the bikes are a red Micargi Falcon GTS and a Huffy.