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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by COBikeMkr, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. COBikeMkr

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    Hey Everyone -

    Wanted to know what everyone is using for headlights and taillights. I've been searching for a few months now for vintage looking headlights and taillights with newer LEDs if possible. How have you guys powered them? Batteries? I can't seem to find something to go well with my motorized bike.


  2. mwicker

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    Hello, I am just starting my first build, and am wondering the same thing. I have seen the older style lights that have "generators" are you familiar with those? Do they power themselves off of the wheels turning? If so do they stay lit if the bike is sitting at a stop sign? I will only be using vintage looking parts as that is the whole theme of my bike as well, but I would prefer something efficient like LEDs if I am going to have to use a small 12 volt battery. I am following this thread. Thanks for posting the question.
    *Also, is that a 4 stroke engine? if so what kind?
  3. mwicker

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    Here is my 1962 Schwinn Typhoon. It is a great bike and I think it is a solid base for a great motor bike.
  4. COBikeMkr

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    Hi Matt-

    So a lot of people I've spoken with will buy an old headlight and and replace the lighting with LEDs. Phantom Bikes sells a headlight set with a generator that attaches to your four stroke. Doesn't drain power but allows you to have lights without having to add a battery to your bike. They are they only ones Ive found that sell this set up but it is expensive if your trying to stay within a budget. I've got all my notes from the past 8months of building if you have more questions. Feel free to chat. I am running a 4 stroke 49cc engine that is technically a 79cc sleeper after I had the carb rebuilt, new air filter, camshaft reworked. Ive had friends with less be able to hide the battery pack inside of the actual headlight as well. Check out my post on the Cannon Shell exhaust I built as well. I am going for the vintage speed look as well.

  5. butterbean

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    Rebuilding the carb, replacing the air filter and modifying the camshaft doesn't change the displacement, so its not technically a 79cc. It's got a little more hp, thats all.
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    On the front, I used a bullet light powered by 4 AAs. It wasn't very bright so I found a brighter Krypton bulb for it at a camping store. The Krypton bulb required 3 D cells, so I bought an external battery box on EBay and mounted it to my frame, and wired it to the light.
    I bought the bullet tail light at a swap meet. The 6v bulb wasn't bright, no matter how I wired or powered it. I finally replaced the original bulb and reflector with a flashing LED tail light.
    To summarize, buy vintage lights and upgrade the bulbs and power source.