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Finally, I can report we successfully tested our light system this weekend, after a great amount of work, effort, and research. The system operated flawlessly producing 80-90 watts, and 12 volts. This means all auto lighting is adaptable, and we plan to offer a complete lighting kit, including a sissy bar with LED lights. A video will be posted showing the completed bike lit up like a christmas tree, and I have to write a provisional patent before disclosing the details. Now, it's possible to take the Grubee engine kit and make it into a licensed moped, that can be driven on any street legally. I should be ready to
disclose more in about two weeks. I need some rest. Mike S
It's a real solution that took some time to develop. There just isn't a simple low cost solution to this problem. Almost all headlights on mopeds use 35 watt 12 volt bulbs, so we aimed at the Whizzer spec of 88 watts, with a 35 watt headlight. To see it light up after so much work is exciting. Mike S
Details will have to wait until a provisional patent is applied for. I'm sure you understand after working so hard, it's important to do it right. Mike S
Right now, we are installing a complete lighting horn package, including turn signals front and back, stop/brake light, horn, and a sissy bar that has neon lighting on it, and we may also use a lighted skull on the sissy bar. It's a chopper, and I'll post a video when complete, and after the patent is applied for. Mike S
Just don't try to patent 'ideas' which are common practice... It doesn't do you any good, and it doesn't help users.
I promise you I won't patent obvious concepts. Having been granted nine patents already by the US patent office, I'm fairly experienced at what is patentable and also how to write a patent. But thanks for the support. Mike S
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