Lights, turn signals, insurance?

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  1. So when I was looking at all the CA MB laws (gasser, not electric)
    I believe it said that you need to have insurance, lights, horn, signals,
    that just seems crazy to me for a motor assisted bicycle.

    I will soon have my M2 and already have a plate.

    Has anyone on this forum in CA been pulled over and gotten into trouble
    for the fact there is no distinction between MBs and Mopeds?
    Is there some cheap kit to add all that **** to my bicycle,
    even though I would hate to do it.

    Does anyone in CA here have insurance on their motorized bicycle?

    When I lived in SF, I wasn't so worried, because cops didn't care.
    Now I live more in the burbs, where police have nothing to do, and are just looking
    for any excuse to pull a guy over.
    It makes me not want to even ride my MB......and then go buy a friggin moped.

    I was thinking of really confusing the laws,
    adding an electric motor to my bike as well, and making it a hybrid.
    Talk about confusing the police.... Is it electric or is it gas? hmmmmmm....
    Need an M2 or not...hmmm.
    Maybe I'll just wait and buy one of the hybrid Stanton kits once they come out.

  2. CA Law applied

    Hey captured, I was just looking at your post. I've been doing motorized bikes a long time in Sacramento. Here are some helpful ideas.

    #1 the origional mopeds did NOT have turn signals! I know, I looked at buying new ones in '78, and have recently owned 3 or 4 of them.
    #2 I've been selling a turn-signal and brake lite with horn set for 20.00 since '05
    #3 I have not, nor have my local customers ever got a ticket!
    #4 Insurance is NOT required

    By the way, I hope when they got you you did not get "probed"?

  3. Well, a little probin' never hurt anybody.....
    It's actually my band of robots (

    I'll start riding then, and see what happens.
    I just hate getting pulled over, and having to speak with the officers.
    I get harassed by cops all the time when I'm on tour
    (plates from CA and in a old motorhome....I MUST be a criminal)
    so it just makes me sick to my stomach every time I get pulled over.
  4. Mountainman

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    they may pull those ones over

    yes -- just ride that motor bike THING
    went to you site above
    must admit
    if the pooolice see one of those ones riding a motor bike
    EXPECT TO BE PULLED OVER -- it's kind of just the way it is down here

    ride that THING