Lightweight 70 CC DIESEL!



OK, May be off the wall but we could get us better performance and fuel economy by Dieselizing our engines ! (after about 100 MPGs or so do we really need more?....OK.... YES!)

Years ago I remember a company called David Diesel was converting small glow engines (like RC plane engines) to diesel use and getting better fuel economy & power to boot (yes they are still around and you can read more about them on their website)....So what about us?....It'd be kinda cool to smoke out a tailgater on our bikes huh ( I know I love to do that in my Dodge Diesel!)....

Any experimenters out there?

It does not make sense to convert a gas engine to diesel for a variety of reasons but the main one being reliability and performance. Diesel engines are BEEFY and the term lightweight is NOT associated with them. Engine components must be able to withstand the 20:1 compression ratio required to ignite the fuel mixture. Our engines have a 6.6:1 compression ratio by the way. General Motors (GM) literally destroyed the automotive (not truck) diesel engine market by converting a gas V8 into a diesel engine. The low power and poor reliability of this engine is the reason why we have few diesel cars in the US while in Europe 55% of all vehicles sold today are diesel powered.

This is an expensive proposition because small diesel engines seen in the model airplane hobby are not "pure diesels". They are run on a mixture of 35 % diethyl ether, 42 % Kerosene, 20% Castor with 2-3 % ignition promoter such as 2-ethyl-hexyl Nitrate. The ether would most likely evaporate from our fuel tanks quickly.
It would be nice to find a small diesel four stroke motor in about 50cc's that would run on hot vegetable oil after starting on diesel. I wonder if there is some difficulty in injecting such a small amount of fuel. Most or all of the rc diesels are two stroke diesels, which is OK but four stroke would be better. It may not be cost effective to make such a small diesel.
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Is that link good?...I tries two times to look at it but no go.


well ther is a far out question (and belive me more to come in the future)
can you mix diesel fuel with synth oil to run the motor but the burn spark seems to weak for it?
now another the magneto is a 6volt and VW's electric system is that so mabey
with a honda battery helping you can make a real light system plus turn signals with a breaker fuse to make it flash

but for another how stealthy can a motorized bike be maide ?
LOL just seen a 3HP diesel engine, water cooled, a hefty 73 lbs, rated speed 2400.

It's local to me, I may have to stop and see it in person someday.

the hatz-diesel's are interesting, and could be fabbed onto a bike, yet the price isnt within my budget, as if anyone would pay that money for 4.6hp

i think that converting a 2 stroke engine is a complete waste of time to diesel because its a whole nother concept and would never work... but just my opinion. interesting idea though, wouldnt have thought about converting a 2 stroke.

The big issues with diesel are weight, heat and the possibility that the compression would turn the engine into a little bomb just waiting it's chance to explode between your legs. 2 Cycle engines would be easier to convert to diesel (Millions of two stroke truck engines were once built by Detroit Diesel, Deutz and other truck companies. Truckers called the 318 Detroit the Double Breasted Yamaha.) but cooling would be a nightmare as they often exceed 1700 Degrees F., whereas gasoline engines rarely go over 750 Degrees.

That said: If I had the cash I'd love to toy with the idea. Steam too!
If I recall correctly, 2 stroke diesels had valves so conversion for us would not be easy.

Hey, I'm all for diesel power. 2 out of 3 vehicles in our family are diesel powered, an 06 VW TDI which nets me 48mpg on the highway at 75mph and an 06 Jeep Liberty CRD that gets 30mph on highway and 24mpg in city.

Would love a diesel motorbike, would also love a diesel snowmobile, ATV (polaris has one I think now), and a diesel lawnmower.