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    Are any of the kits out there like a Whizzer? I would love to buy one with the same sound! I have a 2008 Yellow NE-5

  2. jonmpierce2000

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    OK I have done a lot of reading and I'm sad to say that it sounds like a china two stroke chain driven kit is not going to be any thing like my Whizzer and the bad news is I'm almost done with my build minus a chain alignment issue.

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    Great Looking Build

    No, a 2 stroke has its own sound, a four stroke would sound more ' authentic '

    Silencer pads, and drilling a small hole in muffler
    end cap [ quiets the kazoo sound by lowering chamber pressure ] should get you by. You got the look down pat .
  4. The sound is just one of the many reasons I’m a Whizzerdude. You can tune the exhaust all you want but nothing sounds like a flat head Whizzer. I’ve enjoyed a couple of “Whiz-ins” up north of here. They have a big turnout of vintage and new Whizzers. They all sound a little different but the same. Whatever you decide, just remember, “LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES”!!
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    If you're talking about the two-stroke in frame 'happy time' engines, then 'No, it's not gonna sound like a Whizzer'.

    It's going to sound more like, say, a 1970 Suzuki 125 trail bike. "Zing, zing, pop, sputter" A group riding together sounds like an invading army of angry hornets.

    Of course, there are plenty of other engines out there. Many of them are four-stroke. But I don't think they sound like a Whizzer, either.

    It's a pity, but these motored bikes don't rate very high where their sound is concerned.