Likearock's first Project - 70cc Dax + Skyliner



Hey, MBers!

Well, the Schwinn Skyliner, Dax 70cc kit, and my McMaster-Carr order all came in, and more importantly, finals are over (!!!!), so I decided to start my very first motorized bike. I really appreciate everyone who posts to MB - without you guys, I never would have even started!

So, tonight I tackled the engine mounts. I used the U-bolt/steel plate design that I saw on here somewhere before (thanks, whoever came up with it!) for the front mount. I figured I'd post a rough sketch in case anyone else is trying to do the same build and is interested (see diagram pic). I'm pretty sure I'm going to put some rubber or leather between the mounts and the frame, like some other people on MB have done. I bought all of my mount parts from McMaster-Carr for really cheap. Part #s are in the picture. My wife got pretty freaked out when she came down to the basement to see what the racket was and saw sparks shooting out as I cut the steel plate. :) She hadn't seen an angle grinder in action before, as she's a city girl. Lol. And the intake/exhaust openings are taped off in the pics so I wouldn't get any steel grit in there...

I have a few questions (already?!). First of all, can someone who's done this before comment on whether the intake angle (and, as a result, the carb angle) is reasonable? I've read a few threads on this subject before, but it can't hurt to have a second opinion.

Also, I've come to realize that my clutch lever arm (is this even what it's called?) seems to be positioned somewhat differently than other kits (even Dax kits). The arm seems to swing much farther out towards the left foot of the rider than with other engines I've seen on MB. I attached pictures of the arm in both of its extremes. Is this normal? At what point along this path does the clutch actually engage/disengage?

Thanks for your help!



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That's pretty funny, the forks on backwards. That's something I would do.
Anyhow here a helpful post by Augi. I had to search a while to find it.
The clutch arm you have is like mine but different than the one on Augi's. I think they bent the end to give a more straight pull on the cable.
It's kind of up to you to find that happy spot where it engages and releases properly. The adjuster screws on the clutch handle and on top of the motor where the cables end wil help you fine tune the adjustment.
Hope that helps.
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That's really helpful, Scottm! I've gotta admit... I also had no clue what the big-diameter spring was for, but cable heat protection makes complete sense. Thank you!


Just a note on the clutch arm. Your photo that shows it closest to the center of the bike will be your starting point. Once the cable is installed, when you pull the clutch in, it will move the lever farther to the center of the bike and disengage the clutch. Hope this helps.
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mount plate

make sure your front motor mount is completely flat on the steel plate!the casing wont last long if its not,good luck!and have fun and take your time:)


The carb angle seems fine....i've seen them at all sorts of wierd angles and never heard any complaints.
The clutch arm is ok....when u thread the clutch cable through the arm it will take up most of the slack when secured....any remaining slack can be taken-up with the 2 adjusters.
Also IF your clutch pressure seems excessive replace the inner steel cable(only) with a good quality stainless steel cable and grease it beforehand with a mixture if grease and graphite powder(the stuff used for padlocks/locks etc)
This mixture can also be used for the intermeshing gears on the right hand side of your engine.

One thing i would think about though is that U-bolt...don't do it up tooooo tight and possibly even put a steel sleeve between the U bolt and the frame.Might sound like overkill but if it was my bike it would give me peace of mind.
Hasten slowly. :)


Well, my car got vandalized earlier tonight while parked on the street. Ripped off the windshield wipers down low where they bolt on, used them to gouge a great big "X" in the hood, and broke off my left rear-view mirror. Some people can be real jerks sometimes. Just one more reason to get the heck out of Cleveland.

Might not be working on the bike for a bit - my free time will prolly go to repairing car/filing insurance claims.

Thank you all for the really helpful posts; I appreciate them greatly.



Bummer. Working on your bike will be therapeutic though.

BTW, I think the Skyliner works well with the HT kit. Admittedly, I baby mine, rarely exceeding 24 mph, but the hubs never heat up even after riding 20 miles. The only thing I dislike is the narrowness of the stock handlebars and I've just been too cheap to buy a new swept back set.