limited to a chinese motor, bad idea?

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    Hi all,
    Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at this, the forum is great and full of enthusiasm. Im hoping someone can help with with the following:
    Im in Chile, and the only motors available are Chinese (moskito) Im not actually sure they are, but they are cheap and my only option short of importing something, which is not worth it for me really. I plan on building soon, testing and tweaking, then doing a farily large trip in the south of Chile this summer. I have time on my side, so i dont plan on maxing the thing out all day long, and pedalling a bit to take the load off the motor where I can. I had found before a thread on basic tweaks for cheap chinese engines, could someone point me to that? Or is this a headache waiting to happen? heres the motor
    Any info appreciated.

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    That depends on the kind of motor from China that you have available- I have 2 four stroke motors - a 79 and a 212 - they both are excellent.

    The China 2 stroke kits are only reliable (from comments here) if you do changes to them, otherwise it is a matter of dumb luck if you get a good one.
    It seems to help a whole lot to not race around with these engines- they do not like high rpm.
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    The two stroke China motors require tinkering, but I feel it is worthwhile. I would get one if you like to use a wrench. My son's Taekwondo master goes to Chile a few times per year to train with his master.
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    Those kits require alot of tinkering..i would see if you can get a friction drive..staton or a bumbleebolton. Theres Dax to but you might as well stick with the chinese kit if your gonna roll that route.
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    That is a Grubee engine renamed. Here is the bare minimum required:
    remove 3mm from mating surface of the head to increase the compression to 120psi.
    replace the piston wrist pin bearing because the original one wears out too fast, especially with increased compression.
    buy an engine hardware kit to replace all the weak nuts and bolts.
    loctite everything.
    replace that worthless chinese carburetor with a Dellorto 14mm SHA.
    install an intake extension to get more low rpm power.
    replace the CDI with a Jaguar CDI which reduces vibration, reduces wear on the wrist pin bearing, reduces engine heat, improves reliability.
    replace the wrist pin with a lighter one to reduce engine vibration.
    all the details of how to do these things are on my site. Just click on my signature link. basic info is also in spanish at
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    Chinese Motor-yes its a bad idea.