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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by SlugMan, May 11, 2011.

  1. SlugMan

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    Hello to all,
    My rear axle on my beach cruiser broke the other day while out riding, so I wanted an upgrade to the standard heat treated steel one. I weigh 210 Lbs and have a set-back seatpost and almost sit over the rear axle. My weight, plus the engine torquing on the rear wheel equals a lot of stress on the little 3/8" bolt.
    I searched all day on the internet, and was about to give up when I found one made of, " Solid heat treated 4130 CrMo with rolled threads".
    Thus, I figured I would share the link with everybody.

    Hope this helps somebody :)

  2. SlugMan

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    Not sure why the link comes out like that?
    Just copy and paste it in the address bar.
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  4. pucksterpete

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    Your a life saver for finding this, thanks. Switching from quick release to bolt on axle

  5. SlugMan

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    Glad I could help :)
    I also added axle tugs, my rear wheel kept creeping-up and the chain would come loose. They work great! My chain has not come off since this install. Highly recommended. Plus, you can align and tension the wheel, before tightening up the axle bolts.
    Before, it took two people to put on the rear wheel. One to hold tension on the wheel while the other tightened up the bolts, and then ya never did get the alignment correct. So it took several tries.

  6. pucksterpete

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    I run a jackshaft with my setup, so no problem with the chain, just that I have added a dogs tailer hitch and reelight adapter on the rear and the quick release cannot keep things tight. Tnx again

  7. rustycase

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    Got a link or pic for those 'axle tugs' ?
  8. SlugMan

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    I could not remmember where I ordered them from, but here is a generic link that shows the kind I used. Remmember, they make many models, so shop around for the best fit for your frame. I got the cheep ones, that were only about 15 dollars and they work fine for me. Shurly makes some nice ones, but your gonna pay WAY more, but they look nicely built. You might be able to put something together at the local hardware store that does the same thing... I didn't really try that route. They are mostly sold for single speed track bikes, or BMX racing, where a lot of stress is put on the rear wheel, and ya want it to say stationary.

    Good Luck :)
  9. SlugMan

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    I have different dropouts than what is shown in these pictures. Basicly the same idea, I just have vertical dropouts. (old beach cruiser frame). I put the back of the tugs on the top-end of the rear dropout. Plus, I put my axle tug on the inside the frame. These pictures show it on the outside.
  10. rustycase

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    Tnx Slugman,
    On the basketcase I'm fixing the dropouts are buggered and I don't want to get into fabbing replacements just now. I shall look at what they have to offer at that site shortly.