Lipo Battery Packs in Parallel Noob Question...


Dec 8, 2012
I used a blue LED voltage gauge. ICR cells are junk, they are 1C, and very dangerous to over discharge. I only use IMR or INR cells, now, they handle 30C without even getting very warm, and aren't nearly as fussy about being drained too far. They cost a little bit more, and don't have quite as much capacity, but they are much safer and stronger than cobalt based cells. They are usually used in vaporizer "mods", which short the cell out directly through a half of an ohm of resistance wire. If they can do that, they are pretty tough. I run my 6 watt laser pointer off of 2, AAA size IMR10440 cells in series, and that beast draws 10 or 12 amps. It only runs it for about 2 minutes, but that is impressive as hell. Plenty of time to burn some stuff, and get my laser freak on.


Dec 18, 2012
ICR cells are junk, they are 1C, and very dangerous to over discharge.
I must beg to differ!
Samsung ICR18650-22p cells are rated at 10A continuous 20A surge for a 4.6-9.2C.
2 packs paralleled = 40A continuous and 80A for surges (getting up to speed etc,)
Added manufacturers pdf spec sheet.
Of specific interest! Read "9. Safety" overcharge, discharge, overheat, nail penetration tests etc.


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May 29, 2009
Are you certain that they even contain samsung cells? are you willing to cut open the heatshrink to tell and tape it back up later?

I may have joined late but I actually purchased 5 LG hoverboard batteries to do my first battery build. I initially daisy-chained 5 batteries in a row. Each cell contains 20 18650 batteries in a 10s2p (10 in series to increase the voltage to approximately 36-37 volts <3.6 or 3.7 x 10> and 2 in parallel to increase the capacity from 2.2 Ah to 4.4 Ah) I first disassembled all the cells and built a giant 10s10p which was 36v but lasted for ever. I added 30 more cells to make a 48v 13s10p battery for my current bike. I have never came close to running out of juice.20171002_194007 .jpg 20171002_203059.jpg


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Nov 16, 2015
Yeah, who knows. I think I will try the LG branded ones for my next batteries if I buy them since they seem to work for you. I have a 10s8p and I have ridden 90 miles with it using about 35W average, 200-300W on hills, and 100W into a headwind but I usually dont use much if any if I am riding downhill or there is a nice tailwind. I want to ride across Wisconsin (~400-500 miles) before the end of the season but think I need to add another 300Wh or have a 10s12p to be safe in case of unforeseen serious headwinds or hills. I like to do about 100 miles a day. Yeah, I usually use mine for this purpose working out and endurance testing. But, if I don't want to hear my HS-142F or motorcycle motor, I do juice it hard for short commutes around town.