Liquid Refilling (Not Charging) Battery

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    Redox Flow Batteries


    Redox flow batteries theoretically offer a number of advantages:

    :D high energy efficiency >75 % (> 95% found on lab scale)

    :D long calendar life, excellent cycle ability (> 10,000)

    :D flexible design

    :D fast response time

    :D overcharge and over discharge tolerant

    :D low maintenance costs

    :D low self discharge or no discharge depending on pumping of electrolyte

    Up to now, however, redox flow batteries have had the disadvantage of storing significantly less energy than lithium-ion batteries. The vehicles would only be able to cover about a quarter of the distance-around 25 kilometers (15 miles)-which means the driver would have to recharge the batteries four times as often.

    The Fraunhofer team has increased the capacity four or fivefold, to approximately that of lithium-ion batteries, according to Noack. The team has already produced the prototype of a cell, and is in the process of assembling several cells into a larger unit and optimizing them.


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