List of compatible bikes for "Happy Times" engines?


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May 20, 2008
Central New Jersey, USA
Is there a list of bicycles that are known to fit a "Happy Times" engine with little/no modifications?

I am looking to fit an engine to a 24-26" beach cruiser style bicycle, and want to start with an inexpensive brand new bike. Bikes around $100 (that are in stock around here) include the Huffy Cranbrook, and Huffy Good Vibrations. (the engine will probably provide even better vibrations!) I did a quick search and didn't find anything conclusive as far as any extensive mods or customizations needed to fit the engine on the bike. Anyone know if the engine will bolt into the frame, and if there are any chain fitment problems or problems due to the coaster brake?

They don't have any at the Walmarts around here. (probably because all the HT owners bought them all :) ) They've got the Cranbrooks and Good Vibrations. Looks like bike inventory is being sold off and not replaced because it is the end of the season.
Currently building a MB with a Schwinn Searcher which I bought at K Mart.

Rear tire sprocket centers inself on the hub and the engine fit in with drilling a 5/16" hole for the front motor mount, which was not hard at all.

All seems to be going pretty well with this bike, and with the adjustable handlebars, it is a very comfortable bike!
I used a schwinn point beach cruiser from wallmart, $130.. .it works fine but remember.. you get what you pay for. I ended up buying a new rear wheel with disc brake hub to mount the sprocket, just worked out better then stock ht set-up.


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hi there arceeguy,

i have a huffy santamonica beach cruiser with an 80cc ebay kit (which is actully 69cc ((ebay inflation))) and it works just fine, i would reccomend getting the good vibrations, for a few reasons..
1. i did some reasearch on both bikes, and i read that the cranbrook is being recalled for some reason.
2. it looks exactly the same as my santamonica..

although the moon dog or whatever, would work way better if you could order it, heres why

seeing as both of those cruisers have the same frame shape as mine, you would have to do a little bit of fine tuning to get the engine to sit right.
what i had to do, and ill post pics after i put my new engine onto it cause my old one broke, is drill through the frame of the bike so that the engine could mount onto it becuase the frame tubing is to thick.

also, the chain will rub against the rim gaurd or cover, the silver thing, and i just boght some snomobile tred gaurd (its like a little plastic track thing) and clamped that on... like i said, if your interested ill send you pictures..

who knows, yhou may have alerady made a decision.... just htought id help

good luck
I forgot about this thread! If you can post pictures to show everyone, that would be awesome.

I ended up building 3 Moon Dogs, and I am in the process of building a Cranbrook. I believe the recall on the Cranbrook was a few years back, so current models should be safe. The Good Vibrations cruiser is a 24" version on the Cranbrook - but I'm only 5"10" so a 24" bike would still work.

As far as the Moon Dog installation goes, the hardest part was that front engine mount. I ended up fabricating an adapter plate that bolted to the frame using a U bolt, this way there was no drilling through the frame required. I can put a Moon Dog together in less than 2 hours now that I know what I am doing and have engine mount adapter plates pre-fabricated.

The Cranbrook is more of a challenge because of the larger hub and coaster brake assembly. The 9 sprocket holes need to be countersunk to clear the coaster brake. Looks like the adapter plate I made for the Moon Dog will work on the Cranbrook too. All in all, an easy build. I am just waiting for some metric flathead countersink screws to mount the sprocket and this one will be done in no time.

So the list is:

Huffy Cranbrook - large frame adapter, sprocket mods.
Huffy Santa Monica - large frame adapter, chain guard mod
Kulana Moon Dog - large frame adapter, cut rear fender for chain, tweak chain guide
Schwinn Searcher - large frame adapter
Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser -
Pretty much every bike can be modded to fit a happytime, as long as u got ur large frame adaptor ur right. It fit to my Cyclops Granite, its a kmart bike.