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    Hello forum ,,from thonotosassa fl, certified motocycle and bicycle mech.,
    This will be my first motorised bike. I ordered a $140 boy go fast 49cc ebay and it will be here in a few.
    I was going to buy a shinny new schwinn to put it on .
    I was looking at the legacy coaster break model $120 or blue at walmart
    or the schwinn riverside with caliper breaks and gears at $160

    Can i save money or will I be happier with caliper breaks and shifter ?

    I'm tempted to spend the extra money but, ? will coaster break hold up?
    the coaster break model give me foot breaking and I could add a caliper up front ? hum..thinking.......
    what do you think ??

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  2. professor

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    Hi Q and welcome to Motoredbikes!
    My 2 cents- I tell this to anyone picking out a bike. Get a bike with 2 "V" brakes minimum. You will be flying compared to a regular bike.
    You must be able to stop fast.
    It is suggested frequently to look for a quality used bike.
    I like mountain bikes. I like suspension forks and big seats with a sus. post. Probably should avoid alum frames.
  3. a/c man

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    I would get the bike with gears personally.

    Down the road when you decide to get the SBP shift kit it will be an easy transition...

    Coaster brakes won't hold up too long from what I've gathered here.
    Others may have their own different opinion though.

    Professor is right about needing good brakes.

    Welcome to the forum!
  4. q999

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    thanks for the input ..

    yah I was thinking if i did a good enough job i could flip if for some extra cash and fund a second ,third, ect.
    south Florida is flat beach cruzzer flat land. so
    ..though I personally would like 700c , running silks 20 lbs road racer ,I wanted to start with cheep, shinny,name brand recognition and resalable ..thus the schwinn ,, my old foe... the, heavy tanks,...the new bee bike...anyway .My second or third might be a 4 stroke. we'll see,, I tend to go overboard..
    thanks ..teem well see..!st ones a test.
    I was looking at a jack shaft any good links? or must know suppliers ?
    would that be worth it in flat Florida?